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HCPC The two criteria for choosing CPD

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Based on our standards, you have to ” seek to guarantee ” which the CPD you have finished has made it possible for you to perform these 2 items (Standards three and four of our CPD Standards).
Just what does the usage of these standards mean in practice?

In case you suspect these standards apply for you, you need to choose CPD activities which will :

You are able to have a good effect on your own service users and enhance your job.

These 2 points go hand in hands. You are going to find the improvements you are making in your practice will frequently lead to advantages for your service people.

For instance, CPD activities are able to help you boost your projects as you are going to learn new abilities and you’ll have the opportunity to provide much better service to your drivers.

Just what does ” seek to confirm ” mean?

You will not constantly understand if an exercise is going to improve your projects or even profit your service users before you are doing it. Often you are going to find a CPD activity significantly less useful as you thought it will be.

That’s the main reason that Standards three and four include the expression seek to ensure”. Choosing CPD activities which are helpful for you should always be a high priority.

In case they’re not, you need to take into consideration why the activity wasn’t as useful as you expected, and that which you may do differently in potential. So long as you are able to clarify this in case asked, you are going to meet this standard.
What can I publish to an audit?

In case you’re selected for an audit, you are going to need to post a copy of your respective CPD profile, together with a statement of the way you met the standards. In order to meet our standards, make sure you tell us with your statement the way you meet our Standards three and four, by explaining :

The way your CPD activities have increased the quality of your projects and also benefited your service drivers, or even the way you thought your CPD will profit your service users or even enhance the quality of your projects, but in case this’s not true for a certain task, what’ll one does in the world?

You are able to finish your statement by choosing 4 to 6 CPD activities that you’ve completed. For each one of these activities tell us :

Everything you believe that the pastime improved the quality of your projects and had a good effect on your own service users; everything you discovered from it, and just how you are able to make it better going forward.

You are able to teach us exactly how you’ve met the standards merely by writing your statement in this particular fashion.

From your statement, make sure to connect supporting HCPC Portfolio evidence of the CPD things you’ve written about.

Who’s my service user?

The term ” service operator ” is popular and has numerous applications. We determine a service user as anybody who uses or is impacted by your projects.

Who your services users are is determined by where and how you’re working. For example:

In case you’ve a front – lab or line – based process, your services users might incorporate others, other professionals, caregivers, clients, and patients you provide solutions to; in case you’re an educator, your services users can incorporate your pupils, and also in case you’re a manager