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Australia News Update Live: NSW Records 2,213 Covid Cases; 1,510 Cases In Victoria; Tasmania Police And Premier Speak About Jumping Castle Tragedy

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Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced masks will be back in Queensland for certain settings over the Christmas and New Year period.

Masks will be mandatory in shops, retail, Woolworths, Coles.

We are asking this to slow the spread of the virus.

We know Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for families, doing Christmas shopping and getting ready.

In hospitals and aged care, masks are mandatory. On public transport they’ll be mandatory. In rideshare. And of course in airports and planes, that’s already the case.

We are not mandating it in workplaces at the moment.

More details are expected from Queensland Health at 10am local time.


Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has just stepped up for an “important announcement”. She starts the press conference with an update on the Brisbane Cross River Rail.

The second tunnel of our Cross River Rail, the Brisbane underground, is through.

It’s completed, it’s come right through, the breakthrough.

This is a fantastic Christmas present to all who have been involved.


Mask mandate returns for Queensland shopping centres

I’ll bring you more on this soon, however it seems one of the big announcements from Queensland today was that masks will once again become mandatory in shopping centres as Omicron case numbers south of the border grow rapidly.

Clare Barnes (@ClareBarnes_10)

Masks are back in Queensland in shopping centres, public transport, hospitals and aged care centres (not in restaurants or venues, yet) @10NewsFirstQLD pic.twitter.com/TH4U7oST5s

December 16, 2021



La Niña brings potential a surge in venomous snakes and spiders: NSW Ambulance CEO

As if there wasn’t enough going on already, St John Ambulance NSW is warning about a potential surge in venomous snakes and spiders due to the warmer weather and the wet and humid conditions from La Niña.

Sarah Lance, CEO of St John Ambulance NSW, said:

Australia has some of the most venomous snakes and spiders in the world. Time is critical when it comes to venomous bites, and they should be treated as a medical emergency.

That is why we are asking people to brush up on the signs, symptoms and – most importantly – the treatment of snake and spider bites.

Over half of the deaths from snake bites in Australia happen at home, with the most dangerous snake posing a threat in Australia is the eastern brown snake.

Funnel-web spider bites can be fatal in 15 minutes, with symptoms including breathing difficulty, excess saliva, muscular twitching, numbness around the mouth, disorientation and confusion leading to unconsciousness.

St John Ambulance says the best thing to do is immediately call 000 in the event of a bite, and stop the venom from travelling by keeping the patient still, laying them flat, and wrapping a bandage at the site of the bite, followed by a pressure bandage from the fingers or toes upwards.



Gutwein has been asked if the Tasmanian state government has the power to ban “or at least impose a moratorium” on the type of jumping castle and inflatable balls involved in the incident and if he plans to do so.

My understanding is that yesterday [the department of] education checked to see immediately whether any form of castles were being used to cross the state with a view to stopping them.

Obviously we need to understand from the coroner, as the broader investigation takes place, what the recommendations are out of that, and I understand obviously that [the department of] education will be conducting its own review as well.



PM offers to fly in additional counselling services to Devonport if needed

Tasmanian premier Peter Gutwein says the prime minister has offered to fly in counselling and other support services from interstate to ensure the Devonport community have the care they require in the coming weeks and months.


I spoke with the prime minister both yesterday and again this morning and he has offered any support that we need.

Obviously at a time like this, we have counselling services that are available. If we need more people on the ground, he has said to me very clearly that he is happy to reach out to other states and if we need people here, then we will bring people here.




What have witnesses told you about how strong the wind was and how sudden?


I think I’ve already said in the media that there are various accounts of how strong the wind … It is fair to say that the wind was quite strong. Again, this will all form part of the investigation to try to get an estimation of the wind strength, to see whether it was a freak event.

All of those questions, we’ve all got them. The coroner has required that we work together to make sure that a full picture is put together.