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Apprenticeships and SMEs

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Apprenticeships are becoming a popular way for young people into the work force. They allow them to learn a trade and gain valuable experience while earning a wage.
There are many levels of apprenticeships that you can hire, including school leavers, university graduates, and people who want to change their career path or further their education.

You can hire a new employee or upskill an already employed person.

The apprentices are not the only ones who gain. Companies that take part in such programs also reap the benefits of hiring apprentices, which is why they are a good investment.

Four benefits of search for apprenticeships for a small company:

#1 – A committed workforce

The greatest benefit of an apprenticeship scheme is the ability to create loyal, dedicated employees. Most apprentices are college graduates or young high school students. This gives them a lot of energy and allows them to learn about your business while you work with them to climb the corporate ladder.

According to the government Apprenticeships website 86 per cent of employers claimed that apprenticeships helped them acquire skills that are relevant to their company.

#2 – Bridging skill gaps

Many companies, especially in technology, struggle to find the right people to join their team and help them grow.

An apprentice can solve this problem. They are able to be hired with the passion and talent that you require and trained up for a particular job.

#3 – A fresh outlook

While apprentices may not have work experience, they can provide a fresh perspective and ideas that are equally valuable to growing businesses. Many young people are able to use their technology skills to create competitive advantages.

#4 – Improving bottom line

While some employers may be concerned about funding apprentices, the truth is that they can often pay for their own salaries within a few decades. They also have the potential to improve a company’s bottom lines by increasing effectiveness and productivity.

78% of employers claimed that apprenticeships had helped them improve their productivity.
74% of employers claimed that apprenticeships improved the quality of their products or services.

Many companies underestimate the cost of an apprentice. This is due to both government funding and the fact that they get a lower salary. An analysis by the UK Commission on Employment found that 88% of employers believed apprenticeships were cost-effective ways to train employees.

The National Audit Office says that every pound spent training apprentices will pay back PS18 to society.