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Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Tour

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Virtual Tours: Why your Business Needs One
1. Google Rankings: Increase visibility and rank higher

Research has shown that Google My Business listings which include a virtual tour as well as photos, rank higher than those of their local counterparts. You also have the opportunity to rank in the Local Pack. This is a highly visible part of the Goolge results.

It is usually because people spend more time on listings that have 360 images. This indicates to Google that people are interested, which in turn makes the listing more popular.

Local SEO can be confusing for small businesses. Because the results of SEO can be mixed and matched, most owners aren’t aware of the importance of investing. It can take at most 3 months before you see any real results. And, those who do not have control of their Google My business (GMB), aren’t aware they can track the results.

Virtual tours increase online engagement

You can help your future customers by having a call button (Book Now or Contact Us) on your GMB Page. A virtual tour can be added to a GMB and businesses will see an increase in online bookings in certain sectors by as much as 85%.

Your virtual tour is a way to help your visitors get to know your shop, restaurant or business. Since they’re already on the GMB page, these visitors will be more inclined to engage with it.
Social Media

One small portion of the Local Results algorithm looks at the social signals of your business or brand. Google will consider your social signals if there are people sharing content on different platforms and engaging with it. It will then find you and conclude that you are important to the community.

There are several platforms that combine virtual tours with business/social posts.
LinkedIn and Facebook are great for this.

A virtual tour can be posted on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. It is easy to do by simply pasting a link. This will allow anyone that hasn’t already used Google to analyze your business, as well as the interior of your company. This can help increase your reach and improve the interaction with visitors.

2. Displays your business personality

A 360 virtual tour company gives you a clear representation of your brand. Virtual tours are a great way to show your company’s personality to the majority of people who search for your business online.

You could, for example, have the memorabilia of your local team on the walls of your sports bar. This will make it obvious that you care about that team. A valuable marketing signal.

You might own a salon. You can give your customers a virtual tour that shows your tiled floor and leather studded chairs. They won’t have to read much. This helps customers identify with your business by allowing them to see the authentic side of it.

3. Increase transparency and trust

Your business’ virtual tour is more than just about your personality. Your virtual tour is not only about telling people about your company or products. It’s also about showing them. They are free to roam (virtually speaking) wherever they wish within the tour that we create. This shows your company is transparent, honest, and open about its space.

Imagine how efficient this can be for venues such as theatres, galleries, meeting spaces, etc. The 360-degree view of the venue as well the 3D ‘dollshouse” view allow potential customers to get a feel for the size and suitability of your space. When they choose your company, they know exactly what to expect.

4. Giving people the things they need

Millennials and Generation Z make up the majority of internet users today. They are most likely to find information about products via search and social media. Generation Z is said to have a 8 second attention span. The brain has already processed the visual effects of the virtual tour. It is possible to grab their attention with the right content.

The internet user of today is more open to content that tells them what’s missing and allows them interact with it. People love content that they can feel, see and comprehend quickly. You’ll get better results with your digital marketing if you have a virtual tour.

5. Don’t let non-local prospects see your business

A virtual tour is a great way to allow non-local visitors to take a look at your business or property. For people with mobility issues, this is also true.

The ability to show your space to non-local prospects refines their search. This makes it easier for them to make a decision about whether or not to visit you in person.

6. Double your interest in business

Google says virtual tours of listings increase interest by 100 percent. This stat speaks for itself. Given the many reasons that we have already mentioned, it is easy to see why virtual content on a company’s website, social media or GMB listing can lead to greater interest.

One virtual tour to Google can double your business’s interest.

7. Help customers make informed choices

Virtual tours are a powerful research tool. They can narrow their search easier and make informed business decisions.

You can easily communicate the atmosphere in your restaurant to customers. You might also have wedding venues where the groom and bride may visit your space to view the layout and size of the venue.

Imagine the time that you as an Estate agent can save by not having clients tour properties they don’t like. A virtual tour makes them warm leads. They have already seen the property so there is buying intent.

Virtual tours are also available with YOUR branding and contact details. They will always know who to call no matter where they are.

8. Attract more customers

Nearly everyone searches online for a business before making a final decision. A virtual tour will make it easier for them to find your business. This holds true for those who aren’t local to your business, as they’ve already had the chance to ‘look around’.

It doesn’t matter if you are mobile or across the country. You can offer a connection that connects more people than just those who live in your city, town or county.