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Tips On Choosing A Corporate Video Production Service

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Let’s say you are a marketer or business owner and want to grow your business by using video marketing.
You’ve been searching the web for information about corporate video marketing.

You may be confused or unsure how to choose the best corporate video production company.

You may need someone to help you navigate the complexities of working with a corporate video production company.

If that is you, you are in the right place.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Corporate Video Production Services.

What is a corporate video?

Wikipedia says…

“Corporate Video Production” refers to audio-visual corporate communications materials (such as streaming video, HD video, or DVD) that are commissioned for the sole purpose of being used by a company, corporation, or organization. “

Corporate Video basically is an audiovisual presentation about your company.

Making a Corporate Video is about telling our audience about the Company so that they can HIT their business goals using video storytelling.

What framework is used for Corporate Videos?

This is the typical structure of Corporate Video content.

Company History
Company Growth
Directors’ Message
Infrastructure and Office footage
Culture and employees
Testimonials from clients
Future Vision
End with the tag line

Why Choose Corporate Video Content?
While we’ve seen many brands use corporate videos for various purposes, their main impact is on increasing product awareness, driving sales, recruitment and branding.

85% of respondents say they would like to see more videos by brands in 2018. *50 Wheel
A video showing up to 64% of users was more likely to buy a product online after watching it. *Marketing

Marketers believe that video has increased the average session length on their websites by up to 80%. *Wyzowl

The Most Popular Types of Corporate Video & Their Uses

Promo video: This video is used to promote a product or highlight its features. A number of corporate video production companies specialize in creating amazing promotional videos.

Video for industrial use: This video is targeted at a particular audience and a specific industry sector. A tunnel boring machine is an example of such a video. Many corporate video companies create industrial videos to meet the needs of their clients.

Videos for Internal Communication: These videos are used to communicate the importance and flow of company policies, terms, and other information. This is a great tool for large companies.

Video for recruitment: This video shows potential recruits the value a company offers as an employer and attracts new talent to the company.

Software companies use How-To videos to explain how to use their products to get the most value.

Testimonial videos are created to convey and confirm social proof to their target audience. Many companies produce testimonial videos for their clients.

Corporate Events: These events communicate the company’s goals and agendas in areas that are not directly related to revenue generation.

Corporate Documentary: These videos document the history and future of the company, featuring key employees. These videos are targeted at shareholders and can increase the brand’s value. A variety of video production companies are skilled in creating corporate documentaries.

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is a way for companies to communicate with stakeholders and the public that CSR can help them focus on improving society and generating profit.

Company Profile Video: This video is very beneficial for companies that want to enter new markets and domains. It can help establish trust with potential customers. Many corporate video agencies offer company profile videos to their clients.

Brand Video: These videos can be very helpful when a brand wants to do a branding exercise for its target market.

Before approaching any corporate video production company, here are some questions to ask.
Who is the target audience?

A Corporate Video could have multiple audiences

Current and Prospective Clients
Current and Prospective Employees
All the above
Everybody on the planet

What one thing/emotion/value proposition do you want to highlight in your video?

Video is a complex entity. We give a lot of information. However, our minds don’t process all that information. We need to keep it to the essentials that our audience will remember.
What’s the purpose of this video?

This question might help you if you don’t know the answer to the question before. If the goal is to ‘generating more sales’, ‘getting investment’, or ‘introducing company and new employees’ then the video content will be different.

You can have many objectives when making a video. It could be an explainer, corporate video or any other type of video.