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What Can a Translation Company Offer You?

It is better to partner with translation firms than using freelancers or Google Translate.
Qualitative Translations

Superior quality work is one of the main benefits of a translation agency. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, translation companies have three distinct components.

The Vendor manager is the first part. Vendor Managers screen every linguist joining the team to ensure that they have the right qualifications for the project or vertical.

The second component consists of the Account Manager (AM) and Project Manager (PM). The PM and the AM supervise projects in accordance with the client’s requirements. The AM will often be client-facing, communicating with the PM the preferred language format, format, timeline, and other details. The PM will choose the most competent linguist and subject-matter expert for the project.

Last but not least, the Sales department is the last component of any translation company. The Sales team does so much more than simply negotiate deals. They know all about the industry and have a pulse on many verticals. They present the strengths of the UK translation company, address questions and concerns from prospects, and also communicate their opinions. Prospects and clients will be able to better understand the translation process, and may even discover new needs thanks to the guidance provided by the Sales team. The many points of contact positively influence the quality of work as well as ease of doing Business.


A translation company can take on almost any project, regardless of its complexity and size. They are able to meet deadlines promptly. Translation companies are able to handle large projects quickly because they have the right structure and bandwidth. Project turnaround times can be reduced if there are more linguists on the project.

Specialized Linguists

High-tech industries are easier for translation companies to handle. These companies often employ teams that have technical knowledge as well as linguistic expertise. For industries with complicated scientific text or strict guidelines, it is hugely beneficial to have linguists that are able to offer additional insight.


Access to technology is an important perk of using a translation agency. Different translation companies can use technology to their clients’ advantage. AI and machine translation are efficient tools for translating certain projects. Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT), is another technology that they will use to perform faster and more precise translations. The more work that is sent to the CAT tool, the better the translations. Translation companies have all the equipment and technology necessary to produce all types of deliverables, including graphics and recordings. Translation companies also have the ability to offer complementary services that other translation agencies cannot. These services include proofreading, in country review, quality control and DTP. This makes it easier and makes a translation firm a one stop shop for all of your translation needs.