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Writing a personal statement for an undergraduate course

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Your individual statement

The personal statement of yours needs to make a strong opinion for your faculty application. It is the opportunity of yours to say the reasons you wish to learn the chosen course of yours, and what abilities, qualifications and experiences you’ve that will help make you a successful pupil.

A part of the Admissions staff will check the personal statement of yours and work with it together with the system to determine who they’re able to provide an area to.
What to include

We’re searching for you to explain exactly why you’ve chosen the course of yours of study and demonstrate a genuine knowledge of what studying the program will involve.

You need to include:

precisely why you’re requesting the course – show the enthusiasm of yours
exactly how your current skills, qualifications and experience are going to help the application of yours
relevant engagement with your selected degree subject, like job experience (in case you’ve it extracurricular or) activities
details of anything appropriate you are going to do before starting the degree of yours

If you are applying to Bath, the personal statement of yours should focus on your suitability, experience, and enthusiasm for the book.

When contemplating your relevant studies, experiences and skills, do not forget to point out any pertinent work experience, extracurricular activities or maybe further reading. Keep in mind that universities are going to see details of the qualifications of yours so there is no need to record them in the personal statement of yours.

The personal statement of yours really should be about you as a private pupil, so try to stay away from using generic quotes or maybe common cliches. Ensure you just include information that is relevant – in case it is not about why you wish to study the course or maybe the skills you’ve gained helping you succeed, then do not include it.

For help with personal statement get in touch today.

In case you’re applying for Social Work or Pharmacy

Your individual statement should show you’ve the appropriate attitude to finish the studies of yours and practise your career responsibly. Additionally you need to show that you’ve the pertinent experience for the course of yours.
Do the research of yours

Talk to your tutors and coaches about what strengths you need to highlight.

Go to faculty Open UCAS and Days fairs. Talk to admissions staff members about whatever they look for in an individual statement, as well as to academics about the classes you’re interested in.

Look at faculty prospectuses and sites to discover about the classes you are requesting and choose the key components you have to offer evidence for.

Consider about:

the motivations of yours for applying
what the courses you are applying for include
your relevant experience or perhaps passions
how the course is going to help you get the profession you want

Do not worry in case you do not have related work experience – for virtually all degrees hiking experience isn’t important. In courses that are many, it’s incredibly uncommon for an applicant to possess related work experience, particularly for engineering, social science degrees or science.

Remember you just get to create one personal statement, though you might apply for 5 different classes at more than one faculty.

Make certain your statement is applicable to all of the classes you are applying for. Which? Faculty provides some tips for specific topics based on assistance from program admission tutors.