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Air Fryer Liners: The Key To Keeping Your Appliance Clean

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At first, when I was told of air fryer liners I was skeptical due to the reason that I am already a fan of the air fryer as well as the delicious food it creates. I was skeptical that the possibility of an additional product improving on a surprisingly easy and tasty cooking experience. It was only when my husband gifted me some for my stockings at Christmas last year that I tried them and realized how wrong I’d been.

In this article I’ll discuss how you can make use of air fryer liners to their maximum potential. I’ll also give you a look at four of the top air fryer liners you can purchase.

Why should I use liners in my Air Fryer?

Air fryer liner offers three major advantages:

They cook more evenly. Almost all air fryer lines are covered with tiny, pre-cut holes. These holes provide more air circulation than walls or the air fryer’s basket. Furthermore, since the food won’t be sitting upon the hot steel of an air-fryer, its outside edges don’t burn like they could if you tried cooking without the liner. The same principle applies to using baking sheets made of silicone as well as wax paper or aluminum foil to cover the baking sheet’s bottom when baking in an oven.
They help with cleanup – Although air fryers can cut down when it comes to the oil needed when cooking, when compared to deep-frying but they do require that the cook drizzle one or two spoons of oil over the food in order to achieve the crisp texture. In addition, foods cooked with air fryers typically release juices, grease, or crumbs when they cook. It’s the reason they can cause a mess on the interior walls inside the cooker. You can generally disassemble air fryers and wash them manually or by washing them in the dishwasher. However, it’s simpler and easier to throw away the liner that is used for cooking.
They keep food from sticking Air fryer manufacturers try their best to ensure that the interiors of their appliances nonstick, but certain meals, especially meats, can stick to metal surfaces regardless of the precautions used. The smooth surfaces of air fryer lines however, are more effective at nonsticking than metal. This means that almost every food item will fall off the surface after cooking , much like an icy knife sliding across soft butter.

While air fryer liners aren’t essentials but they certainly enhance the experience of cooking in many ways. In addition, given that they’re low-cost products, there’s absolutely no reason not to at least give them a try.

“Liner” can be a somewhat false description, as it implies that you must be careful when folding and cutting the material as you would when you line the cake pan. However, in reality air fryer liner are usually one-piece materials that are slipped in the base of an basket for air fryers. In contrast to lining a cake dish is similar to an art and craft project that can take at least several minutes, placing the liner of an air fryer requires only several minutes.

After cooking the meals in the liner before serving them, remove the fryer. If it’s a single liner that is used only once, throw it away. If it’s a reuseable air fryer liner then lift it up and dry it before preparing for the next time.

The Top Air Fryer Liners

1. Removable Air Fryer Liner


The unbleached air fryer liners are among the most efficient one I’ve ever tried. They measure 7.9″ across, and the walls are two” high, which means they’re basically removing the need for cleanup. The paper is also coated with a thin layer of silicone which makes it virtually impossible for any grease or liquid to penetrate. Actually, these foods can cook within their juices which can make the food taste even better. The coating ensures that the liners are nonstick and boosts the resistance to heat to more than 400 degrees F. The thing that distinguishes these liners from other liners is the weight. Just a few milligrams per square inch can make a an enormous difference and can to ensure that the paper will not teareven if you take it off with food residue on it.

Important: As with all air fryer liner made of paper ensure that you do not place this liner into the oven when it is heating, unless it is weighed down. The fan inside the fryer could blow the light liner onto the heater, which can ignite the liner, and thus ruining an air fryer.

2. Perforated Disposable Fryer Liner

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They’re perforated, which means that the airflow is more evenly distributed and will be able to reach the surface beneath the food. They’re great for food items like dry or fried vegetables that don’t spill grease or juice when cooking. Some foods that leak liquid, like vegetables and meats that have an excessive amount of water, will cook perfectly using these liners, but it can also leak through the paper, causing an mess.

I’d also like to point out that the liners come in the 8.5″ rectangular shape. They have the same size as the bottoms on some air fryers.

3. Walled Silicone


I might be the biggest person who loves silicone throughout the Americas. It’s elastic and naturally nonstick, essentially resistant to heat, durable, and safe and looks at all good. I also like air fryers with walls because they reduce the need to clean up. That’s the reason why the model I’m using is my top choice in this selection.

My top characteristic that few similar products possess are the raised silicone lines along the bottom. They improve air circulation, which allows air to flow across all areas of the food, without creating holes in the liner. The lines, however, do not permit food to cook within its juices which my view of one of the greatest aspects of air fryer liner. The crisper texture they create is well worth the price however. However, the lined bottom also permits any grease that comes from the food to flow down, which makes the food that is cooked inside the liner less oily. The bottom can be slopped to a degree to let the grease flow onto an opposite side.