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Behind the Scenes with Grimm’s Wooden Toys

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I’ve always loved Grimm’s wooden Toys From their exquisite quality of workmanship to their infinite game possibilities, they capture everything I love and admire in wooden toys. This December I was fortunate to get invited on an excursion through the Grimm’s Factory for an exclusive glimpse into the immense efforts and dedication that goes into every gorgeous item they design. I would like to invite you to continue reading and be a part of my journey through the amazing and beautiful realm of the Grimm’s Wooden Toys.

Let’s Learn More About Grimm’s…

If you’re not familiar to this Grimm’s brand, let me to help you understand!
Grimm’s Spiel & Holz (translating to “game and wood’) is situated within the Swabian Alps in Germany and is renowned as one of the most prestigious wooden toy producers in the world. Family-owned, the company has been creating, producing as well as selling toys made of wood since 1978. They aim to make durable, long-lasting and flexible toys that are loved by all generations!

Where does Grimm’s source their materials?

The wood (specifically alder, lime beech and maple) is exclusively sourced from sustainable managed forests in Europe. Grimm’s company is an FSC(r) (Forest Stewardship Council) certified business and are actively involved in reforestation initiatives.


As a natural substance, wood is always adorned with different marks which show up on the final product, making every piece unique. Wood grain is constantly changing in structure and shades that act as evidence of its natural nature. The distinct variations serve as a signpost to the high quality of the product instead of highlighting imperfections. You will feel privileged that you have the Grimm’s piece which no one else can!

How are Grimms toys made?

The wood pieces are meticulously carved by hand, and then painted with non-toxic, water-based staining. The wood is then oiled using an assortment of natural oils, with Linseed oil being the most important ingredient. The mix also contains the oils of olive, thistle soybean oil and walnut oil.

Rainbow Goodness!

Each Grimm’s Rainbow is cut from one piece of wood. They are then hand-sewn together, creating an asymmetrical design. This is the reason why the pieces are only able to be placed in only one direction. The individual arcs are made to be perfectly matched to each the other, allowing you to truly appreciate the craftsmanship!

Somewhere in that rainbow…

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