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Choose Paper Over Plastic Whenever Possible

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While shopping for food items one of the first things that employees will always ask is “Paper is it plastic or paper?”. Nowadays, many supermarkets are encouraging customers to use recyclable bags.

In addition to selling bags for shopping, Walmart does not offer paper to customers and other retailers have also adopted the same policy.

Today, we’ll discuss the benefits that paper baggies offer instead of plastic. It is crucial that consumers are aware of the advantages to make the right choices to safeguard the Earth.

Important lessons to take away

Paper bags are healthier for the environment.
Plastic bags can be contaminated with substances that can cause health issues.
Plastic bags can harm ocean life.
The paper bags are biodegradable.
Paper bags are recyclable and easier to recycle.
Paper bags are more convenient to use and more robust.
Paper bags contribute to reforestation.

Many reasons exist why why you need to think about using paper instead of plastic for your grocery or other purchase. While we examine the causes take a look at how each one of these could impact your life as well as the lives of other people as well as the environment.

Paper Bags Are better for the environment

One of the major and obvious benefits that kraft paper bags have over plastic is the benefits for the environment. Plastic bags are produced by using chemicals that pollute air.

Plastic bags require up to 450 years for decomposition in landfills, whereas the paper bags can decompose in between 2 and 4 weeks.

If everyone switched into paper bags then landfills will not be overflowing with plastic.

Bags made of plastic Bags Could Cause Cancer

Certain plastic bags are made by combining known carcinogens, like bisphenol A or styrene. These chemicals can not only trigger cancer but could cause heart diseases and can even affect the reproductive system of humans.

The brown bags created of wood pulp and connected along the edges. They are not toxic and don’t contain a wide range of carcinogenic chemicals as plastic bags.

Plastic Bags Can Harm Ocean Creatures

Since a lot of people don’t take care to dispose of plastic bags correctly and they end on our seas. According to research there are approximately 5.25 trillion pounds of waste floating around the oceans around the globe at the moment.

It is not obvious that plastic bags can harm marine life.

Sea creatures that eat jellyfish could take a plastic bag as one, and consume it, causing a lot of damage.

Dolphins, fish, turtles as well as other marine creatures may become entangled in plastic bags, and become in a position to not take food.

Plastic bags release chemicals in the ocean that have negative effects on sea life.

If a paper bag finds its way to the sea, it will break into pieces quickly and doesn’t cause any harm to animals or to humans.

Paper Bags are 100% biodegradable

While plastic bags can be reused, they will not disintegrate by themselves at least not for the next hundreds of years.

The biodegradable nature of paper bags is unmatched. and are returned to the earth when they are broken down. Paper bags don’t release harmful chemicals into soil, therefore they are not harmful to the groundwater that could harm livestock, other animals, as well as humans.

Paper Bags Can be Recycled in a Easier Way

Paper and plastic bags are recyclable, however, there are some things to be aware of. If you recycle a paper bag made of plastic, the item will need to undergo a lengthy process before becoming something else, or even another bag.

When it is melted down the plastic releases harmful chemicals that harm the environment.

Paper is easy to recycle. The addition of water to the paper to aid in breaking it down quicker.

In this process it turns into the same watery pulp This pulp is then transformed into various papers, including toilet paper, boxes, paper, and many more.

Paper Bags Last Longer

While some might argue that paper bags tend to be more durable and last longer than plastic. Paper has a weakness against water, however, paper bags are thicker than plastic that is not able to stand up to the rigors of shopping.

The bags of today are constructed using the thinnest plastic, which makes them less prone to breaking. Everyone has experienced the unpleasant experience of carrying around a shopping bag that has the bag’s plastic breaks.

If you’d like your purchases to be safe from drops, you should consider the use of paper. It is easy to fold paper bags and reuse them for the next shopping trip so you’re helping the environment.

Paper Bags are Simpler to use

If you’ve considered the dimensions inside of plastic bags and paper it is clear that there are distinctions. Plastic bags tend to be smaller and don’t allow for as much space like paper bags.

If you’re trying to squeeze many purchases into bags then paper is the best ideal choice. Because of the larger opening bags, paper bags are easy to carry around with the items you need and leave you with less hassles when shopping.

Paper Bags are a major contributor to reforestation

Although this could be a bit flimsy however, it’s actually factual. Since paper bag makers make use of Earth’s natural resources in the form wood They plant trees to replace the ones they cut down.

The majority of paper bag manufacturers use wood which is sustainable 100. If you choose to use plastic over paper it is actually helping forests across the globe increase in size.

Use paper over plastic whenever It’s

If you are faced with a decision paper bags are preferred over plastic bags due to the numerous advantages mentioned over. Paper is healthier for the environment since it does not cause harm to the sea, water sources, creatures, humans, or any other animals.

If you’re trying choose between plastic or paper the paper option is always the better choice in the selection of purchases.