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How Can I Deal With My Cat Scratching My Furniture?

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There are numerous benefits of living our lives and our homes with animals. But, as any cat owner will confirm there are often certain negatives. In the course of their natural instincts they can cause messy environments in our houses. However, this could cause a conflict among us as well as our feline companions. One of the most frequent areas of disagreement is scratching carpets, furniture, or any other household items.

The dangers of rubbing your cat’s head for your cat

When the usual scratching behavior of cats conflicts with the normal human desire to keep an orderly home, the cats can suffer the following negative effects.

Many people attempt to punish the scratching behaviour. It’s not always successful and could make your cat afraid and even pain. This can lead to an increase in negative behavior.
Some cats are let out to wander around the outdoors which exposes them to injuries, diseases and, often, early death.
Certain felines are stripped. It is a painful procedure for the cat, which can alter the character and behavior of the cat A cat declaw is the removal of all frontal digits, up to one joint.
Some cats are surrendered to shelters, where they could be put to death if they’re not adopted within a reasonable time.

Why do cats scratch things In the First Place?

To be able to live peacefully with our felines it is important to know the reasons why they might engage in something we would consider as a negative behavior and then offer them alternatives that are acceptable to us as well as our furniture. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch at objects to scratch them for various reasons.

The smell glands of cats can be found within their paws. Scratching the cat’s scent onto the object, and also leaves the scent as a message of territoriality for other cats.
The visible marks made on objects through scratching provide information about their territory to others.
Scratching can help remove the outer layer of cat’s nails. It’s a good grooming habits.
Cats scratch to extend to stretch their claws and their bodies. The process triggers “feel-good” chemicals that keep your cat healthy.
Cats scratch to relieve tension or exuberance and “blow out steam.”

How can I deal with My cat scratching at my Furniture?

There are ways your cat’s desire to scratch will be satisfied without having to sacrifice your furniture. The best way to achieve this is to provide top-quality cat scratcher. If you pay care to the qualities that come with the perfect scratching spot (height as well as sturdiness and a good scratching surface) and a bit of training to your pet, and a bit of additional understanding and patience your cat will definitely be able to leave the furniture to its own. In reality, your cat will love the scratching posts. Being active and enjoying their own routines will help your cat to live a healthier and more content and will lead to more love being shared with you!