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Most Popular Pieces of Montessori Furniture

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Based on The Montessori approach, the child must be the primary element of the entire educational system. A huge mistake is made in this moment because parents are focusing on the ideal picture of American films and magazines without thinking about the safety of their child.

A luxurious and stunning style isn’t always the most ideal choice for healthy and steady growth of the infant. Maria Montessori says that the children’s space must be designed to meet the needs of the child and not according to parents’ preference.

The responsibility of parents is to provide a suitable environment that allows for overall development. The setting is by the unique traits of the child, such in terms of his desires, interests and developmental stage.

In the same way it is not important to what degree this space is situated – at the home or in a kindergarten in the school office. Adults are only demonstrating how to make use of the specially designed items that are part of the surroundings. Then , the children take care of everything by themselves.

Guidelines for selecting furniture for a child’s room

Maria Montessori’s method of teaching is not possible without carefully selected furniture, plumbing fixtures and toolsthat are appropriate in dimensions and other physical attributes, mostly made from natural materials. The child must be able to manage all of their belongings and spaces at home as well as at the child’s center.

Furniture’s educational value

The fundamentals in the method of Montessori don’t permit the use of doors and closed boxes in the child’s space. Everything that a child requires to see, they need to be able to be able to reach with the help of adults. For instance, small baskets or open boxes are ideal for infants, and can be placed on the floor, within the baby’s view near a bed or another sleeping area. There should be enough hangers and hooks to hang baby clothing, as well being a small dresser that has a mirror must be set up in the area for changing. All of this is essential to ensure that the child grows up as an independent and self-sufficient child who can manage the space.

The selection of high-quality materials

Based on the guidelines of the Montessori method, there should be no heavy synthetic curtains in the room of children The materials surrounding the child should be entirely natural, such as wool, cotton linen, natural wood. It is recommended to embellish the room by using a creative wallpaper and covering the walls with varnishes and paints that don’t contain harmful chemicals and other elements which release toxic fumes for health.

Furniture for children’s rooms must be based on the height of the children living in it, and also their age. Children should be able to freely access and remove items from cabinets and move their Montessori table and chairs to the appropriate spot. In the same way the weight of chairs must be light enough that children are able to move them with out the assistance of adults.

Security of use

Modern parents are trying to provide the best possible environment for their children to grow completely and in a healthy way, and simultaneously they try to take complete responsibility for their health and safety. So, a room for children that is designed in accordance with the Montessori method must not contain any breakable, fragile sharp, heavy, or sharp objects. Because many children prefer to be on the floor to play or do their activities, the space should have soft, but sturdy carpets, that are lightweight and comfortable that will there will be no dust accumulation. The weight and size of the rug should permit children to move them in a manner that is comfortable for them.

What should you look for in the best Montessori children’s chair

A Montessori Chair is an item furniture that grows as children grow and the freedom of movement requirements of children and infants. It’s a three-position chair that can be used to gradually alter in height to be used by a child or an infant, a 2-year-old or 3-year-old girl or boy.

It’s a round chair that is shaped like the cube, influenced in Montessori Pedagogy, made of wood. It comes with seating in two different places with one lower and the other higher (depending on where we place it). It also comes with sides and a backrest that provide extra security. It’s extremely useful for children to hold on to the chair, climb on, and keep a the correct posture.

A Montessori chair can be described as a piece of furniture which encourages autonomy in the movements of infants and children in a safe way. It’s an essential part of the most pure Montessori stylethat gives importance to the infant in their development of motor skills. It should be constructed using sound quality wood that is that is resistant to humidity, and finished with an oil varnish made from natural oils that shields it.

Stokke Tripp Trapp

The SproutKids chairs and tables are specially designed to be suitable for kids. Products from both companies can be a perfect choice in terms of price/quality ratio. The furniture is made of top-quality construction and materials. The chair is constructed of natural wood that is grown in environmentally safe locations, which is safe for children’s health. The whole design of the weaning chair as well as table set is designed to be designed in a manner to be as secure as is possible for children.

How do you choose the right table for weaning?

A Montessori weaning scheme suggests using a table to wean. It can be used as early as 6 months old , and can be used in place of a weaning table. It’s a complement to the first food that is solid by a baby.

The most crucial thing is to pick a natural wood table that’s appropriate for kids of various age groups. The very first meal that is an independent one has to be relaxing and not be stressful, which is why you must take care when selecting the table.

SproutKids Weaning Chairs for Montessori Adjustable and Table Set

The SproutKids tables and chairs , as also the ones designed by WoodandHearts have been designed with care to be suitable for children. The products from both companies are sure to provide the best solutions in terms of price/quality ratio. The furniture is high-end construction and materials. The chair is constructed of natural wood that has been grown in ecologically safe locations, and is guaranteed to be safe for children’s health. The entire structure of the weaning chair as well as table set is designed to be designed in a manner to be as secure as it is for the child.

What is a learning tower?

The learning tower the most beneficial piece of furniture that can be used by a child. The chair of this kind offers an exceptional opportunity to learn about the same activities that adults engage in. The child can be part of the cleaning process or cooking, washing dishes or washing fruits and vegetables. Most important aspect is that children are able to watch what parents are doing. This makes the lives of parents much easier and the child’s life is more enjoyable as well as more accessible. It helps build self-confidence and independence. Children will always want to be involved in the action. Particularly when their mother is in the process.

The Pickler’s triangle and the reason for it

In line with Montessori guidelines In line with Montessori recommendations, cribs are replacing them with mattresses that are in the middle of the room or placed on a stand. They let children walk around on their own, without fearing falling and hurting themselves. The beds that have removable crossbars or frames, that let children move freely from the house, could be picked out.

Bookshelves and toys

The approach to the young development of children taught by the most famous teacher in the world is that all the things that are in the children’s play must be within their range of view and reach. Particularly, this is applicable to the shelves of children’s toys and books by Montessori.

A key piece of furniture in the room for children will be shelves of books that hang at the level of the child’s vision. It is important to imagine how colored covers can inspire children and increase their desire to learn.

Based on the methodological approach according to the methodology, no Montessori shelves or toys must have doors. First of all, it’s dangerous as the child could easily get injured. Additionally, anything that may be helpful to a child’s activities should be easily accessible both physically and visually. Thus, open storage, or storage in containers is the ideal option for a child’s space all around and, in particular, for the development of an Montessori environment.