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The History Of Mr Maria

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Mr Maria is an established design firm based within the Netherlands. We’re constantly trying to establish emotional bonds with our product and customers. In order to create an emotional bond, we design products that are focused on creating joy and happiness everywhere.
We are confident and pride ourselves on being an established brand with a line of products founded on the virtues of innocence. This is why we concentrate on creating designs that are simple, serene, and warm. Designs that are timeless, yet have room to tell its own story.


To design with love for a beautiful home Designs that reflect innocence.


Mr Maria designs with a passion to create a home that is loved and designs that are a celebration of innocence. It began with lamps that were iconic but now the brand is expanding its offerings to other items for the home, including the beanbag and pouf. Modern designs are made up of solid, timeless lines that form an ideal resting place. With Mr. Maria design , you’ll are guaranteed a striking piece that has an ever-present, comforting presence. A piece that evolves with its surroundings due to its timeless appearance. Anyone from children to seniors can feel the peace that a beloved piece of art brings to it through the decades. In the baby room to the family room the artwork always finds an appropriate spot with his family.


In the present, Mr. Maria is present throughout the countries listed below Distribution partners include Belgium, France, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Israel, South-Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada and the US. and sell directly to many other countries.


Our office is at Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mr. Maria are committed to responsible designs that are made in a sustainable manner. That means the product is designed to enhance the quality of life locally, without affecting life worldwide. It starts at the beginning with the choice of our partners. It results in a business that is built by long-term relationships that are in line with the vision of Mr Maria that it is more beneficial to invest in a lasting relationship instead of the quick-win.

This idea is also considered when designing the product. When we consider early in the design phase , the sentimental worth of the product we create a product that is designed to maintain a personal connection with its owner. In addition to the emotional component, it is our obligation to select materials that can last. This is a goal we see through the utilization of sustainable materials and energy-efficient power sources in the first place.

Additionally, Mr. Maria invests a lot of time in pursuing and investing in more efficient methods to produce and distribute.