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Thule Roof Rack Accessories: Everything You Need to Know

Outdoor and transportation-related items are the focus of the well-known brand Thule. Thule roof racks are among their most well-liked goods. Outdoor gear like bikes, skis, snowboards, and kayaks can be transported on the roof of a car using Thule roof racks, which are made to be safe and secure. All the information you require about Thule roof racks will be covered in this post.

Varieties of Thule roof racks

To suit various vehicles and purposes, Thule offers a range of roof rack solutions. These Thule roof rack models are the most popular ones:

Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack

If you want a stylish and aerodynamic roof rack system, the Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack is a popular option. For highway driving, it is perfect because of its low-profile design, which lessens wind noise and drag. In addition to holding up to 165 pounds of stuff, the Aeroblade Roof Rack is compatible with the majority of Thule accessories.

(2) Thule SquareBar Roof Rack

It is a time-tested and cost-effective roof rack solution, the Thule SquareBar Roof Rack. For attaching Thule accessories, it has a square-shaped bar that serves as a sturdy base. With a weight capacity of 165 pounds and compatibility with the majority of Thule accessories, the SquareBar Roof Rack is a great option.

(3) Thule Evo Wingbar Roof Rack

Premium roof rack system with a combination of style and functionality is the Thule Evo Wingbar Roof Rack. A bar in the shape of a wing gives it an aerodynamic shape and lowers drag and wind noise. Up to 220 pounds of goods can be stored on the Evo Wingbar Roof Rack, which works with the majority of Thule accessories.

(4) Thule ProBar Roof Rack

Heavy-duty roof rack system made specifically for business use is the Thule ProBar Roof Rack. Up to 220 pounds of equipment can be supported by its sturdy and powerful bar. Transporting bulky items like ladders and building supplies is made easy with the ProBar Roof Rack’s compatibility with the majority of Thule attachments.

Why Thule Roof Racks Are Beneficial

One of versatility

The versatility and customizability of Thule roof racks is intended. They may be quickly modified to fit various vehicles and are compatible with a variety of Thule accessories. As a result, you may transport a variety of goods with a Thule roof rack, including bikes, skis, snowboards, and kayaks.

Installation is simple, 2.

It is simple to install Thule roof racks. With the use of basic tools, they are easily installed and come with comprehensive instructions. In most cases, installing a roof rack entails mounting it to the car’s roof and holding it there with clamps or brackets.

  1. Extra Space for Storage

On the roof of your car, Thule roof racks give more storage space. For those with constrained interior space or those who prefer to keep their goods outside, this is very advantageous. All of your outdoor gear may be transported using a Thule roof rack without sacrificing interior room because they can handle up to 220 pounds of goods.

Fourth, Secure

Designed for security and safety, Thule roof racks are sturdy. They are constructed with premium materials that can survive challenging environmental conditions and large loads. In order to guard against theft and tampering, Thule roof racks are also fitted with security components including locks and anti-theft devices.

  1. Lessening of Wind Drag and Noise

Due to the aerodynamic design of Thule roof racks, wind noise and drag are diminished. Thus, driving at high speeds won’t result in obtrusive noise or diminished fuel efficiency. In addition to being low-profile, Thule roof racks are made to blend in with your vehicle’s exterior.

Equipment for Thule Roof Rack

In order to complement their roof racks, Thule provides a large variety of accessories. The most popular Thule roof rack accessories are listed below:

First Thule Bike Rack

When using a Thule roof rack to transport bikes, the Thule Bike Rack is a common addition. The bike is kept in position while being transported by its safe and sturdy construction. Up to four bikes can be stored at once on the Thule Bike Rack, which works with the majority of bike models.

Two. Thule Ski Rack

To transport skis and snowboards on a Thule roof rack, people frequently use the Thule Ski Rack. It has a safe and sturdy design that keeps the skis and snowboards in place while being transported. Up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards can be stored on the Thule Ski Rack at once, which works with the majority of ski and snowboard models.

  1. Thule Kayak Holder

For the purpose of moving kayaks on a Thule roof rack, the Thule Kayak Rack is a well-liked accessory. The kayak is kept in place while being transported by its safe and sturdy design. The most common varieties of kayaks can be used with the Thule Kayak Rack, which has a capacity to accommodate two kayaks simultaneously.

  1. The Thule cargo box

For adding more storage capacity to a Thule roof rack, people frequently use the Thule Cargo Box. With a capacity of up to 165 pounds, it has a safe and sturdy design. It is simple to put the Thule Cargo Box on a Thule roof rack and it comes in several sizes.


A well-liked and dependable method for loading outdoor gear onto a car’s roof is using a Thule roof rack. In addition to providing more storage space, they are adaptable and simple to install. The risk of theft and damage to your gear is decreased thanks to the safety and security of Thule roof racks. Roof rack systems and accessories from Thule are available in a variety of configurations to meet your requirements. Think about purchasing a Thule roof rack if you like to engage in outdoor activities and require a dependable means of transport for your equipment.