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What Toys are Best for My Cat?

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Toys play a vital part for stimulating your feline. They aid in helping keep their behavior and well-being and also offering exercise. They are especially important for cats living in indoor environments, which may not get the same amount of stimulation as those who live outdoors. With the variety of toys available it can be difficult to decide which toys are the best to give your pet. Take a look at our suggestions here to help keep your cat active and safe.

What is the reason Cats need toys?

As humans, cats require both mental and physical exercise in order to remain healthy , and content. A healthy dose of physical stimulation and mental stimulation helps in enforcing your cat’s healthy habits and also makes them less likely to suffer from behavioral issues. If cats don’t receive sufficient exercise they could be disruptive and engage in actions such as the nighttime craze or scratching on surfaces that aren’t theirs or engaging in play.

It also strengthens the bond between animal and human. When you play together with your pet, you’re creating trust and bonding and toys can help keep them entertained even when you’re not around.

What toys are best to My Cat?

The type of cat toys which best fit your cat will be determined by your cat’s personality and behaviour. Many cat toy aim to stimulate their natural urges like chasing, pouncing scratching and climbing. Your cat might enjoy engaging into one of these actions more than others, or they might prefer various types.

We advise against buying excessive toys until you’ve figured out your cat’s preferences and behaviors to avoid spending cash on items that accumulate dust.

Cat Toys: What Kinds of Cat Toys? Think about

The Balls of Cats are fond of ball chases and bats. It is possible to try a normal ball, one that has an internal bell (a “jingle ball”) or a motorized one or even a crumpled ball. Sphero Mini Sphero Mini is a motorized ball designed for kids, however cats are awestruck by it!

Toy mice, as well as various hunting games: Cats are natural predators and toys that draw on their prey drive will keep them amused for many hours. Pawboo Cat Toy Pawboo cat toy motorized hunter toy that cats love.

Fishing poles/feather teaser toys The toys such as this Feather Teaser as well as this Smartykat Loco Motion Electronic Toy can encourage bouncing, leaping and stalking. Make sure that any toys that have strings can only be used under the supervision of your cat, and safely kept far from the cat following time, so that you can avoid accidental consumption.

The laser-pointer is a popular choice for cat owners. watched a number of YouTube videos of cats who are enthralled by laser pointers! They are a relatively cheap and a hassle-free method of giving your cat a workout. Be sure to choose one that’s safe for your pet.

Interactive feeding games: Food-related puzzles keep your cat’s mind active and help them to be entertained even when you’re away and the indoor Hunting Feeder from Doc Phoebe and Phoebe is an excellent choice.

Cat tree climbing toys and perches provide your cat something to climb on when you’re away and also places to rest. Cats are attracted to high-level places to sit on.

Posts with scratching: Cats love to scratch. It’s an instinctual behavior that lets them stretch, work shoulders and back muscles and also express their happiness. It also helps keep their nails in a trim state. Certain scratching posts will allow your cat to scratch the area you want they to – while also preventing your couch from being destroyed! We recommend at minimum one scratching post for each cat to avoid territorial disputes. While vertical scratching post are the most popular however certain cats prefer horizontal scratching surfaces like an jute door mat or a corrugated scratcher.

There are catnip toy toys that are awestruck by catnip (although it’s important to remember that the majority of cats don’t show an sensitivity until around four or six months old, therefore for kittens who are very young you should hold off). It’s relatively easy to find toys that are infused with catnip, like these mice infused with catnip.

Items for the home, such as cardboard boxes. Cats love playing with cardboard boxes as well as other places to hide in. They are enthralled by having dark, enclosed spaces to stay hidden and look out over the world around them. Inside a box, they feel secure as they are inside a secure space. They are curious and naturally drawn by the surface of cardboard to scratchat, as well as dark spaces to explore. Making holes in the cardboard box can give hours of entertainment to cats as they can hide while observing their surroundings (practicing their stalking instincts). When you put snacks or toys in the box that your cat can retrieve and play with, you are tapping to their instinct to hunt. You can also connect many boxes of various dimensions to create an maze or obstacle course to your pet. They are among the most simple toys you can find and you can simply repurpose the shipping container! Check for staples within the cardboard that can hurt your cat. Also, take off the tape to ensure they can’t chew on or take it in.

The most effective cat toys are designed to stimulate their natural instincts to chase or pouncing, scratching and climbing.

Cat Toys You Must Avoid

Be aware that some toys are not safe for cats. Contrary to what is commonly believed it is not recommended to play with yarn balls or strings. If they are swallowed, strings, yarn, ribbons and similar substances can be trapped in your cat’s digestive tract, causing significant harm that could prove fatal to your cat if it is not dealt with.

Plastics can also cause intestinal problems and cause intestinal damage, so keep plastic bags away from reach. Also, keep an eye on the toys your cat chews on. If your cat is destroying an item of soft play by chewing on strings or other harmful substances, take it away immediately.

How to Play with Your Cat

To keep your cat interested to play, put together a variety of toys. Place your cat in a place in which they are able to focus on you. Toys should be placed towards them and keep it out of their the reach of. You’ll know your efforts have been successful when the children jump or bat at or even chase after the toy. You could also throw toys around or throw a ball at them.

It may take some time to find the perfect balance in letting the cat get the toy but making sure it is out of reach in order to keep their attention. Keep track of the things that work in the process and don’t be scared to experiment with new movements or methods!

What NOT to Do When Playing with Your Cat

Certain kinds of play are not as appealing. For example, playing with littermates is an essential element of the socialization, but without the companionship of a littermate the majority of kittens turn towards their human counterparts.

Play-fighting with kittens can be fun, but fighting with your cat or kitten could result in scratching and biting and it may be difficult to stop this behavior later on. (Which means guests in your home could also inadvertently become targets for play-fighting–something you probably want to avoid!)

Avoid fighting by refusing to engage in it or even acknowledge it, and instead, redirect the urge to something more appropriate, such as toys. Keep your kitten’s nails trim can also limit the damage they cause to skin that is not protected.

Get rid of damaged Toys as soon as possible

When you see any kind of damage to the toys your cat plays with like a damaged toys or pieces of it breaking off, you must get rid of the item of your pet and discard it. Every size of piece could pose the risk of choke, while sharp parts and pieces of ribbon or rope can be especially risky in the event of obstructions or punctures to the intestinal tract.

Talk to your Veterinarian for more advice

If you’re unable to find the perfect pet toy or you’re worried about the security of their toys, talk to your veterinarian for advice. They’ll be able to give you additional recommendations on how to keep your cat entertained in a safeand healthy manner.