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When to replace caravan tyres?

The uncertainty surrounding travel abroad has made caravan and motorhome holidays more popular than ever. While this type trip has always been loved by many, the safety of traveling abroad is making it more appealing. We’re seeing more people choosing to staycations. The advantages of owning a caravan are numerous. A caravan lets you take all you need with it, even the kitchen stove. It makes traveling so much easier when you don’t have to carry everything around in your car. Your chances of your trip being canceled due to Covid regulations is reduced if you don’t want to travel to certain places or hotels are closed. If you’re traveling in a motorhome or caravan, it is easier to change your plans.

All of us need a break. Taking a caravan lets you have your holiday without having to do Covid testing, isolate or worry about traffic light systems. It is not surprising then that there has been an increase in caravan and motorhome sales, especially for those who have never owned one.

However, there are important things to remember along with all the excitement. We won’t get into the technical details of electrical hookups and chemical toilets, but we can give you our knowledge of caravan and RV tyres. You will be able to find the right information and protect yourself and your family on the road.

What are the differences between caravan and motorhome tires?

It’s interesting to notice that no tyres are made for caravans or motorhomes. While you might find companies that sell caravan tires, these will be van tyres or even cars. Car tyres might be suitable for caravans. But, because of the added load, tyres that have a “CP” rating (i.e. These tires are good choices for commercial use. Extra loads are recommended for standard car tires. Keep in mind that your tyres will not just have to support the caravan’s weight, but also the contents. It can be quite costly. You need to be aware of the load rating for your tyres. A blowout on your holiday would not only be disappointing but also potentially dangerous.

Motorhomes, particularly those of medium to large size, are best served by commercial tyres rated C- or CP. Pay attention to the type of tyres you choose, especially if your vehicle has a tandem rear axle or twin rear axle. C and CP tyres come with two load indexes. The first and second numbers represent a different load rating for the tyre, depending on what axel configuration it’s being fitted to. Chat with us live to ask any questions.

When do you need to change caravan tyres

The most common mistake motorhome and caravan owners make is not replacing their tyres regularly enough. You might think you’ve only used the caravan a handful of times this past year so the tyres must have been replaced frequently. But there are other factors which can affect the performance of your tyres. Even if your vehicle is kept in storage, tyres are susceptible to deterioration. When your vehicle is outside, sun can also cause damage. If the vehicle is stationary while being driven, you can apply extra pressure to certain areas on the tire, which can also cause damage. TyreSafe recommends replacing tyres every five to six year due to natural degrading, even if you’ve never taken your caravan outside. To find the year of manufacture of your tyres’ tyres you can look at the DOT codes on the sidewall.

Your tread depth should be checked as with any vehicle. The extra weight of heavy loads can cause additional wear to your tyres. Be sure to check it regularly and replace them as soon as they reach the legal limit at 1.6mm. You should also check the pressure of your tires if you have heavier vehicles. It is worth looking at replacing your tires more frequently if they are wearing out or requiring pressures above 50psi.

Are your motorhome tyres cracking?

You should be concerned about cracks appearing on your tyres’ sidewalls. This could indicate that the rubber compounds are beginning to wear. These cracks could be vertically or along the perimeter of the tire. This is due to the aging of the tyres over time. There are no remedies. This is a sign that your tyres need to be replaced.

How long should caravan and RV tyres last for?

Your tyres will last a lifetime if you take good care of them. However, all tyres will eventually wear out, so it is important to replace them at least every five to 6 years. Your tyres might get damaged if you are unlucky. If you notice any problems, it is better to have them replaced than to take any risk with your safety.

It is crucial to examine second-hand campervan tire treads

Most campervans and motorhomes are purchased second-hand. It’s a great opportunity to grab a good deal. It’s hard to know the history of a caravan once it’s been on the road. It is difficult to determine how well the previous owners took care of the vehicle. Even if your vehicle looks great on the inside, make sure you inspect the tyres prior to you set off with your family. Even if your campervan has had low mileage, it is possible that the tyres may need to be replaced. Therefore, a quick check for the DOT number is a better indicator than an average mileage. Even though your tyres might be new, you should inspect them closely to ensure that there are no signs of wear or damage. You also need to verify the tread depth. If in doubt, replace.

How to take care of your caravan’s tyres

If you take care of your tires, you can lower the chances of them having to be replaced prematurely. Also, it will give you the assurance that your tyres won’t need to be changed before your next big trip. Here are some top tips for maintaining the tyres of your motorhome or caravan.

Before and after every journey, thoroughly inspect the tyres with good lighting. You should inspect the treads for any damage, blistering and wear. Verify the tread depth and pressure in all areas of the tire. Before you store your vehicle, make sure to give your tyres an oily clean.

It can be worth the effort of removing the caravans wheels & tyres and placing them in a cool and dark place. The sun can cause damage to your caravan’s tires if you leave it outside. You also risk attracting thieves if you don’t have wheels. If you leave the tyres out, make sure to rotate them every other day so that the weight doesn’t stay in one spot for a prolonged period.

How do I search for my tyres that don’t have profiles written on them?

You can determine the size of the tyre that you need for your motorhome/caravan by looking at its profile, width and rim size (e.g. 185/80/R14). Some caravan tyres have the profile changed by “C”, meaning commercial. 185 C. Commercial tyres should always be 80mm in profile. So when you search online, ensure that you choose 185/80/R14. Then select the commercial fitment of your choice with the right ply rating. Drop us a line on live chat if you are unsure!