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Why Try Kopi Luwak Coffee?

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Kopi Luwak coffee is an exquisite and decadent coffee that is likely to cost you at least a few dollars per kilogram. However, many who give the kopi luwak an attempt are convinced that it’s worth the cost to experience this distinctive coffee experience. What’s the draw of this particular coffee? Does this intriguing flavor really worth looking into? Continue reading to discover the reason why kopi Luwak coffee should be the next thing to your list of things to explore.

What is Kopi Luwak Coffee?

Kopi Luwak coffee is a kind of coffee that is processed in an extremely unique manner by an animal that is wild. In Indonesia there is a tiny carnivore mammal, known as the palm civet, or luwak is a fan of eating delicious coffee cherries as well as the flesh of the fruit and the coffee beans inside. The luwak, also known as palm civet, utilizes its scent to identify the best tasting, ripest coffee cherries, and then consumes the fruits. This is the simplest stage in the process of making the kopi luwak.

After the civet eats the cherry, it excretes coffee beans. The coffee bean’s tough outer shell keeps it safe from being digested by the digestive tract of the palm civet which is why it goes through the animal, and emerges intact.

Farmers then collect the coffee cherries that have been partially digested which are left on the floor of the forest. It is a strenuous task since there are usually only about three to four coffee beans in a heap of excrement. When harvesting is complete, farms carefully remove the beans so that they can be cooked and transformed into delicious coffee drinks.

Why not try Kopi Luwak Coffee?

There are numerous reasons to sample the kopi luwak coffee, beyond satisfying your desire to know more. Here are a few good reasons to taste this special blend.

Kopi Luwak is renowned for its distinctive flavor.

The flavor is the main reason why people purchase this particular coffee over and over repeatedly. It is the only coffee that tastes as good and this flavor character is the result of the distinctive process that the coffee bean undergoes. The first step in this procedure, the civets utilize their ability to smell in order to select the finest cherries for their coffee to eat. Civets are drawn to the ripest and juicy coffee cherries. Because of its exceptional discernment abilities The civet is able to pick the right cherries for coffee at the right moment to enjoy the perfect flavor, that is why the beans are picked at the time they’re most delicious.

When the civet eats the coffee cherries and the coffee beans undergo some sort of fermentation within the stomach of the civet. The process of fermentation, in which the beans get bathed in the digestive juices of the civet alters the taste and taste of beans making them have an enhanced flavor. After cleaning and roasting the kopi Luwak beans give an espresso that is smooth and rich in flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel, along with earthy tones.

It is a place with a distinct background.

Kopi Luwak coffee definitely has a long and fascinating history and tasting it can bring you closer to a fascinating tale of rebels. In the 1800’s, Dutch settlers produced coffee from Arabica coffee plantations. Native workers were not allowed to pick any coffee beans or cherries off the plants for their private use, however, they were allowed to pick those that fell into the earth. Then, the locals realized that the luwaks ate the fruit , but left the beans or seeds in their excrement, and that resulted in a more delicious coffee.

The indigenous peoples collected the undigested beans, they then cleaned and then roasted them to make the best coffee. Because the beans required longer to prepare, they proved extremely expensive, and this coffee soon became extremely popular with travelers and even coffee traders.

It may be beneficial for your overall health.

Because of the process of fermentation which the beans undergo prior to roasting, kopi Luwak coffee is lower in terms of acidity than other kinds of coffee. This is good news for those suffering from acid-related ailments like mouth sores or heartburn.

Of course, coffee, including kopi luwak coffee. It’s loaded with antioxidants, can improve your metabolism, and can help combat dementia.

It’s a good tale to share.

Coffee can be a great conversation starter and the kopi luwak tale is a wonderful one to share. Serve it during dinner or at meetings where you can share the story and start fascinating conversations! It is a great opportunity to discuss the background of the Dutch colonists, the revolt of the native peoples, and, of course the adorable Luwak.

It’s novel.

As a connoisseur of beer is a fan of trying new craft brews and coffee enthusiasts enjoy trying a new coffee. Kopi Luwak coffee is worth to try just for the fun of the coffee. There aren’t many people who have had the pleasure of tasting ‘cat poop’ coffee’, the way it’s referred to. It is about as distinctive and rare as you can get in the world of coffee.

So , if you are looking for exceptional coffee with a distinct flavor, are awed by a compelling background story, love the idea of the history of cuisine or are intrigued by the concept of a cute mammal deciding your beans using their keen senses, then kupi Luwak coffee could be the ideal beverage for you!