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Why Use Glow Sticks?

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Glowsticks are well-known for their use in the party scene but their applications are limitless. The original invention was made by the military in the 60’s , a patent granted in January 1976 for the Chemical Luminescent Signal Device and awarded to the creators Vincent J Esposito, Steven M Little and John H Lyons; this is the closest to today’s design.

The design was utilized by the military for the chemilights (as they are referred to by the military them) illuminate through an internal light source that requires the absence of electricity, gas or ignition spark, it is just a light source created as a result of an enzymatic reaction. This makes them perfect for emergency situations, or situations that could include explosions, gas or fire, after all, you require lighting sources, not something that’s going create more problems! Glow sticks are in fact the only light source that is recommended to use in the aftermath of natural disasters due to their safe and contained light source which requires no electricity and more importantly , does not create sparks.

” The glow sticks” are in reality the only source of light recommended to use in times of natural disasters because of their secure, contained light source that does not require electricity and, most importantly, doesn’t create sparks. “

The military knew it was the right thing, just like with any product, people soon got their hands on the products. Bulk glow sticks wholesale, also known as light sticks as they have also been called, are now being used in the world of recreation and are extremely sought-after by divers due to their waterproof nature and can withstand high pressure whilst providing light for them to see and also to be noticed. It’s because of these factors that make glowsticks used in sports like caving and potholing. They’re even employed as lures for fishing to catch big bait fish such as swordfish!

The recent rise in night sports, like night golf has also been down to the humble glowstick. Golfers illuminate their clubs, fairways and putting hole using glow sticks and then put on glow necklaces , so that they are able to be seen even in dark and create teams of specific colors. A glow in the dark golf ball then gets used, and there you have it, the answer to the keen golfer’s dilemma of early dark nights!

There’s no doubt that sports aren’t the only reason to use glow sticks. They’re also championed in the performance arts and are an art practice in and of itself that was developed by poists and juggling artists and was quickly adopted into the music scene. Performances are frequently seen at festivals and in clubs of all sizes. The incredible visual spectacle led to a huge demand for glowsticks as clubbers in general wanted to mimic the performances seen in the clubs if only with the use of a few light sticks which were carried in their hands and a smaller display, but pretty funky nonetheless.

Whatever adults can do, kids can better. And glowsticks in various forms are a huge hit at party and children’s events, youngsters love the thrill and the vibrant , colorful glow of glow sticks which make a huge difference to the atmosphere. This popularity with kids and adults alike that makes glowsticks, glow necklaces, glow necklaces, and glow accessories ideal for fundraising as they’re fairly inexpensive to purchase in quantity with a large ROI, which leaves a large margin for the worthy cause.

With the children in mind, glowsticks, or snap lights as they’re sometimes known are fantastic high visibility tools. Glow necklaces, glow bracelets , and glowsticks are becoming more popular for events like Halloween. It’s simple to incorporate an element of glow in your child’s costume so that they’re easily seen in traffic and simple for parents to recognize when they’re watching their children when they’re in a crowd. They’re also a fantastic and safe alternative to candles to make those pumpkins sparkle!

Still unable to decide on a use? In terms of safer alternatives to candles they are often used in schools during celebrations of Christmas carols, Christingle services and other performances in which candles have been traditionally used to create a festive appearance. Glowsticks are the obvious answer as there is no flame and they’re still cool to the touch despite the bright, intense glow that means that even the smallest children can participate in the celebrations, there’s no risk of fire as well as the children have the opportunity to take home a memory of their performance!

A product with so many uses, the list of uses of glow sticks is almost endless, they’re even being integrated into a new art movement; light art. Artists create incredible effects using the glowsticks of LEDs and photographs to create the most stunning effects, with such a wide appeal that this movement is experiencing an enormous rise in popularity. Is it all down to that amazing glowing glow?

It appears that the attraction of glowsticks is set to increase, and that’s because of their basic formula: they’re cheap, disposable, waterproof and can withstand high pressure and are safe, colorful, vibrant and most all fantastic fun!