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Why Use The Ear Hole Pillow

Sometimes, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult. Sometimes you may find yourself turning the pillow constantly to find comfort on the ‘colder side’. It might take you a while to find the right position. Or you may just be unable to stop turning your head and switch off.
This is especially true for patients with ear problems. If they have a bacterial infection, a ruptured drum, general discomfort, or are recovering from surgery, lying down on their backs can cause discomfort, irritation, or even pain.

The earhole pillow can be beneficial if you are having difficulty sleeping because of recent surgery, complication, or pain.

The ear hole pillow is a creative, intuitive and effective invention that promotes natural sleep cycles without adding complications. The earhole pillow can be used to relieve earache and prevent complications from following surgery.

What can the earhole pillow do for you?

Simple to use

The earhole pillow has an innovative, simple and user-friendly design. The center of the pillow is designed so that the user’s ear falls through the hole when they lie on their back.

This encourages sound sleep since most people have gotten used to sleeping on one side. Earache is a very unpleasant experience. Even the slightest touch can cause great pain.

The earhole pillow reduces the chance of someone falling asleep with a sore, swollen, infected ear.

Functionally Comfortable

There are two types of earhole pillow currently on the market: cluster-filled or foam-filled. While both offer great comfort, they have different benefits.


The Winkler’s Disease-specific foam-filled earhole pillows were created for those with Winkler’s Disease. They have been successfully used in hospitals across Wales since 2008!

Winkler’s Disease, also known by Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Hislicis (or CNH), can cause painful inflammation in the ear. The cartilage can become bumpy or noduled, which can lead to extreme discomfort.

The foam-filled, ear hole pillow is of exceptional quality. It prevents and controls infection while providing maximum comfort.

It is also used in Dermatology and Otolaryngology to prevent infection.


This cluster-filled earhole pillow was created with new scientific insights and premium materials to ensure maximum comfort.

Cluster-filling provides an anti-allergenic experience similar to traditional feather-filled pillows. The clusters are made from pearl-sized pieces, soft polyester that won’t matt together like feathers. This allows for a longer life-cycle.