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5 ways your child benefits from early childhood education

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Send your child to Victoria kindergarten, a place that focuses exclusively on child development and early education if you are looking to give your child an advantage before they start school.
Research shows that early education is the best way for your child to develop the cognitive, emotional, and social skills needed to succeed in primary school.

Here are some ways that child development and early childhood education can be beneficial to your child now and into the future.

1. They’ll learn good habits

Children will feel secure and at ease if they have regular routines. They are also a great way of teaching children healthy habits such as brushing their hair or washing their hands. Knowing what to expect each day will help children be more calm, settled, and fall asleep better. As they grow up, their early childhood development and education will enable them to become more responsible for daily activities such as getting dressed and packing.

Childcare can help your child settle into a routine. Your child’s needs are known by educators who use a variety of techniques to help them learn these skills in a structured, safe environment. This helps your child prepare for kindergarten. It also makes your family life more enjoyable.

2. They’ll learn numeracy and literacy skills.

The foundation of child education is literacy and numeracy. But it’s not just about reading, writing, or counting. Reading stories, talking about images and drawing shapes on the paper are all ways that children can learn literacy skills. They can learn numeracy skills by playing and singing or pouring sand into different sizes of containers.

Early literacy and numeracy skills can have a profound impact on your child’s academic success later in their lives. Research has shown that children who attended childcare for more than three years are better at reading and numeracy tests in year 4. Preschooling for 18 months is also more effective than primary school.

3. They’ll learn emotional resilience

Your child will benefit from having childcare. It will allow them to learn social skills that will help them develop healthy relationships with other children. Childcare will be available from an early age to help your child get along with others and learn how to share, take turns, listen, communicate, and become independent. As they grow older, your child will be able to use their talents to form friendships that will have a positive impact on their identity and future.

Children who attend childcare can develop emotional resilience. Research has shown that children who begin childcare between 2-4 years old are more likely be attentive and to be able to deal with emotions. Even more studies have shown that children who attend childcare receive financial, social, emotional, or even psychological benefits from their parents.

4. They will enjoy a bright future.

Did you know that early childhood education has many benefits that can last a lifetime. In the United States, a 30 year survey found that people who received high-quality early education from 0-5 years of age were more likely than others to remain employed and to graduate university.

Your child’s social, emotional, and academic success will depend on the skills they learn in their early years. Research has shown that children who are not educated in early childhood and nursery are 50% more likely than those who attend school with developmental vulnerability.

5. They’ll have a lifelong passion for learning

You can trust a childcare centre to provide high-quality early childhood education that will take care of your child while you work. It will also instill a passion for learning. Children can benefit from early childhood education to develop social and cognitive skills that will help them be independent and have a positive attitude towards learning. These skills can help your child adjust to primary school life and lead to academic success.

No matter when your child starts school, it is worth considering early start child care. This includes sending them to a childcare center that provides high-quality early education in a caring, supportive environment.