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What are mini-whiteboards?

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Generally, mini-whiteboards are used throughout the teaching part of the entire class. They’re employed to make sure that the kids are taking part in the lesson in the proper way. For instance, if a teacher is instructing a course about multiplying by ten, the instructor might create 3 numbers on the board:

9 4 6

Ask the kids to multiply these numbers all over their whiteboards by 10. By utilizing whiteboards, every kid in the class is required to get involved in certain exercise. The answer is the fact that a number of kids will figure out the answer to the above mentioned, though most kids might not be interested at all.

One more reason that teachers utilize mobile whiteboards is assessing just how good their pupils understand a concept in a glance. For instance, the teacher might find with the above mentioned task that lots of kids cannot multiply by ten, so the following step might be finding a kid who could demonstrate how to accomplish this.

In literacy, mini whiteboards could be used. In case a teacher is directing a shared writing session in regards to a goblin, for instance, they might state they require a number of words for describing the goblin and get the kids to create these all over their whiteboards and hang them up.

Mini-whiteboards are a great method of motivating kids that are missing in confidence to put ahead much more of the ideas. For instance, in case a teacher notices that a kid who’s less confident has created an excellent word, she or maybe he can pass that word along with the class and also work with it included in the shared writing.