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12th July 2022 How to Play Baccarat

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Baccarat: The Basics

There are many different variants of Baccarat but the core principles for the majority of them are identical. The most common that is played in the main version of Baccarat “punto banco” that it is widely used that many casino venues as well as land-based casinos refer to it simply in the form of “Baccarat”. The players bet on the outcome before the dealer puts four cards on the table. There are two cards for each hand, one marked as ‘Player’ while the one labelled as “Banker”. The objective of this game is predict which of those hands will have the highest value and is closest to 9.

Hand values are different in บาคาร่าออนไลน์ than they are in the other games of live casinos, however they’re not too complicated. The value of a hand is the combined total of all cards, but should the sum be an digit-based number, then you drop the left-hand digit. For instance that a hand with 6 and 8 is a sum 14 which would be a 4 in Baccarat. Cards from Ace through 9 are worth face value (with an Ace worth 1), while 10s and the Face Card are valued nothing.

Tips for placing bets in Baccarat

As with Blackjack there are a variety of options for gamblers to make bets on will be right in front of you since there are several sections that are specifically designed to allow players to place bets. There are actually three different bets players are able to make and they can place bets by placing chips with the desired worth in the respective section.

There are also specialty side bets which players can place bets on, but these don’t appear in every game of Baccarat and could differ among different versions of our Live Baccarat Collection, and consequently, we’ll not discuss them in this article.

Player, Banker, Tie


Place a Player bet if you believe that the hand of the Player will win the round of Baccarat in full. If you’re correct in your forecast, this bet pays out at 1/1.


The Banker bet has a similar structure to the bet on the player by paying 1/1, however it is more likely than the bet on the player. To stop this, you’ll typically be charged 5% commission by the casino on winnings from a Banker bet.


If the value of the Dealer and the Player hands are equal, it is a Tie. The odds of betting on this outcome are at odds of 8/1 or 9/1 according to the variant which is played.

Third Card Rules

There’s no requirement for players to know the third card rulessince they’re established through the laws of play, and the dealer is bound to comply with these rules. Players have no agency or inputinto the game, and the rules don’t change for casinos. For curious players who want to know more, we’ll provide some more depth. The third card will only be drawn in certain scenarios – never on 8 or a 9 and is dependent on the hand values in play.

Player Hand

The Player hand will be dealt a 3rd card if the total is between 5 and 0; however, it will automatically stand on another total. It also doesn’t matter if the Player has been “beating” the banker hand by 4-2, for instance it is the same rule that applies to three cards will always apply.

Banker Hand

The rule of third cards for Banker hands is more complex than that for the hand of the Player. Banker will add a third card when the total is zero, 1, or 2. If a person chooses to draw a third, the Banker draws a second card when the Banker’s initial hand totals 3 and the player’s hand value of the third card is anything other than an 8. If the Banker hand is a 4 then Third card is drawn in the event that the Player’s third card hands value falls between two and seven. If the hand of the Banker is 5 or more, a third card is drawn when the hand value of the Player’s third card falls between 4 and. Finally, the Banker hand only draws another card if Player third card hand value is 6 or 7.

Useful Baccarat Terms


In contrast to ‘Blackjack’ which refers to the highest possible hand however, the name of this game actually refers to the lowest winning hand value that is possible, which is zero.


Between games, and then after shuffling, three to six cards are taken out.

La Grand Natural

This is considered to be the top hand you can get in Baccarat It is two cards in a hand that adds up to 9.

La Petit Natural

This is the second based hand in Baccarat, a hand that has a total of 8.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is an alternative name for the standard version of Baccarat.

Baccarat FAQs

How Can I Win at Baccarat?

Baccarat is an entirely a game of luck. There is no input from the player during the game. The actions of hands are pre-determined, rather than making players decide if they’d like to play a third or not.

Should I Always Invest in the Banker?

This bet usually considered to be the best bet to play in Baccarat because of having a lower percentage of house advantage. However five percent of the winnings are usually paid in commission to casinos, so it levels the playing field somewhat.

Can I Go Bust at Baccarat?

The main draw of Baccarat is the fact that neither hand can fail, because when the hand is an amount that is double-digit the first number will be erased.

Does Baccarat Require Skill? One of the advantages for gamblers is the fact that Baccarat requires very little skill apart from the ability to bet at the right place at the table in the casino.