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12th July 2022 How to Play Baccarat

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Baccarat is an exciting game of pure luck. Although it’s depicted as formal and elegant in films – James Bond’s favourite! – it’s actually an easy low-speed game that’s ideal for new players; there’s no strategy or skill needed. Plus, Baccarat offers some of the highest odds at the casino.

In the simplest sense, Baccarat is a simple betting game. It’s simply about betting on which hand out of two dealt either the banker’s hand or the hand of the player will prevail. A winning hand has the most points of a possible 9 points.

Before you begin playing, it’s good to know the fundamentals of the game and what they’re known as.

The Table

There are from seven to 14 seats available for players dependent on the type of Baccarat and also a dealer’s section. No matter how many players are present, two cards are dealt: the Banker’s and the Banker’s. Players do not have their own cards; each is given their own betting area.

The Three Betting Areas

Each player will find three bet boxes, one for Banker, Player, and Tie, above their name on the table’s top.

The Dealer

The dealer starts the game by playing cards. The dealer is in front of the players in the center of the Baccarat table, in order to cover every space at the table.

The Commission Box

The dealer receives a 5% commission on winning bets on the Banker’s hand. In full Baccarat the long rectangle, which is filled with numbers and positioned next to the bank, is referred to as the commission box, and is used to track the commissions. On other Baccarat tables, a commission circle is next to each individual betting zone.

Each number represents a player each time an individual owes commission and the dealer marks it until the player is able to pay the commission and exit the table.

Start with a game-plan

Create a budget

บาคาร่า is a thrilling game, but you don’t want to lose yourself in the excitement. Decide how much you want to spend ahead of time. Think of it as money you’d spend on a night out, not expecting to take it home.

Don’t bring credit card

To ensure you only pay for what you carry, pay cash, and leave your credit cards at home.

Set a maximum win amount

It’s no fun to be up only to go down. Set a date in advance for when it’s time to walk away. Some players decide to do this at the point where they’ve doubled the amount they bet.

2. Place a Bet

Baccarat is a guessing game Therefore, players have to place bets before the card is dealt. Choose to bet on one of three options:

Banker’s Hand

The winning bet in this case pays even money 1 to 1. If, for instance, you place a bet of $10 and win 10 times, it will pay you $10 plus the 5% commission.

Hand of the Player

An enticing bet on this game also earns you the money.


A winning bet when there is a tie pay 8.: 1.

Be aware of the way cards are dealt

After placing the bets and the bets are placed, the four dealt cards is placed to the table. First the dealer hands out an item and puts it in the Player box.

The next card is then placed in the Banker box. This process continues until each box holds two cards.

Natural win

What is the third time a card drawn?

If the total of points is 8 or 9 in either the Player’s or Banker’s hand, on the initial two cards dealt, this is referred to as a natural win and the game ends. Placed bets are refunded.

If neither hand totals 9 or 8, the dealer may draw a second card on any of the hands dependent on the total. One of the advantages of Baccarat is that the rules for when a third card is drawn are very clear.

Third Card Rules For the Player

Third Card Rules for the Banker

Baccarat rules stipulate that the player to always be first. The Banker’s hand will depend on the player’s hand. Here is the rule of thumb:

If the hand of the player is eight or 9 points, it’s a logical win and no additional cards will be drawn. The player’s hand will be held.

The player’s hand will always be on the point totals of 6 or 7 .

On any total from zero to five, the player draws a third card – unless the Banker holds 9 or 8. In this case, the Banker wins, and there is no more cards drawn.

There is a special set of rules to be followed in the event that the Banker draws a third card. It is not necessary to memorize these rules, but you can review them beside.

If Banker’s first two cards total:

1 – 0 2 : Bank draws , unless the player shows a natural 8 , 9 or 8.

3 : Bank draws when Third card of the player is 1 – 2 or 3 – 4-5 6 – 7 9.

Bank is the time when the Player’s 3rd card is 8.

4 : Bank draws if Third card of the player is – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7.

Bank is when the player’s third card is 0 – 1 – 8 – 9.

5 : Bank draws when the player’s third card is 4 5 – 6 -5 – 7.

The Bank is when the third card is 1 – 2 – 3 8-9.

6 : Bank draws are drawn if 3rd card of the player is 6 7.

Bank is when the third card is 0 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 8 – 9.

7 : Stands.

8-9 : Natural Numbers No hand draws any third card.

Once the cards are dealt and played out, the hand closest to 9 points is the winner. Each hand never gets over three. If there is two hands being tied, no hand is either winning or losing. The dealer collects the bets lost and pay the winnings.

The dealer earns a 5 percent commission on winning bets on the Banker’s hand only. This is how the casino earns profits on Baccarat. Commissions are recorded in the commission box of the dealer every time it’s due and then collected on every winning hand of the Banker.