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Home » 12th July 2022 The Best Baccarat Side Bets To Place

12th July 2022 The Best Baccarat Side Bets To Place

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One of the reasons why บาคาร่าเว็บไหนดี appeals to gamblers who are experienced is the potential for a range of betting options. For a while traditional games were limited to three choices, however with Unibet’s live casino it is possible to play many more options, so let us guide you through the possibilities.


It’s been mentioned that this could be marginally the more likely option and simply requires placing bets on the banker to have the better hand at the conclusion of the round.


In contrast, before the round starts this method requires us to bet on which player will have the highest hand.


A tie can happen in Baccarat but odds of it to happen start at 8/1. A payout at those figures is nice, but this scenario is definitely less likely, and serious Baccarat players would prefer not to risk it.

These are the three most popular bets taken care of but with our live casino you have more options to take advantage of.

Player Pair

Bets on this type of bet involve placing your bet on the player that has two identical cards. Anything between two Aces and two Kings, and everything in between is guaranteed if make this bet.

Banker Pair

You’ve probably guessed that: It is exactly the same as above but this time, we’re betting on a banker receiving two identical cards.

Either Pair

A Either Pair bet is based on the initial cards dealt to the banker and the player. If they match then the Either Pair gamble will pay out.

Perfect Pair

When we play a perfect pair in Baccarat We require the first two cards handed to the banker be a matching pair and they must be identical in suit.

Although this could be more risky, keep in mind that there may be up to eight decks of cards inside the shoe. So the possibility of finding perfect pairs is very high.

Big Bets

The move away from pairings wagering, Unibet’s Live casino Baccarat gives players the possibility of betting on the total number of points from the first four cards.

The first of these is a Big Bet and in this scenario, the house will pay out if the total of the player’s and banker’s hands hits 5 or 6.

Small Bets

A small bet also takes into account the sum of the banker’s and player’s first four cards. If the total is 4 precisely the bet will pay out.

Your Move

We’ve given you a comprehensive overview of all the Baccarat options available at Unibet and all we require now is for you to join in. It’s a classic casino game and part of its initial popularity was its ease of use and obviously, its low house edge.

You’ll be able to be a bit simple by focusing on three primary bets : banker, player or tie. However, as we’ve witnessed, the development of our live casino has provided for additional betting options.

Play some free games to craft your Baccarat skills and as soon as you’re ready to play real money, you just need to join or complete the registration process in a short time and you’ll be ready to play the real money versions.