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What Is The Betfred Story?

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Starting off as a single betting store in the early 1960s Betfred is now a significant company over the past fifty years. They now boast more than 1,350 betting shops and over 10,000 employees across the globe. Betfred is among the fastest-growing online betting businesses within the United Kingdom, especially when it comes to British horse racing.

This could be because they have special promotions and bonuses which entice new customers try out their site and for their creative ideas when it comes to social media. If you want to know more about the history of Betfred and how their company has grown over time If you are interested, take the time to read in this post.

Fred & Peter Done

Fred Done, the man who is the sole person responsible for the development of Betfred was born in Salford, England in 1943. Done’s fascination with bookmaking began at an early age when his father who was a part time bookmaker, had him go to the local bar and factories to take betting on football matches for him.

After high college, Done began working as Ernie Peters his assistant because Ernie was the most renowned author in town, and Done would like get to know the best. Done worked side-by-side with Ernie for nine years until he realized that he was now ready to start his own business of bookmaking.

Fred needed help in getting his business off the ground He enlisted brothers Peter and Peter who was able to assist in accumulating the necessary funds to make this shop possible. He needed just under $6,000. In the middle of the year 1967, they were able to open the first Betfred betting shop. This they strategically located in the city that they were born in: Salford, England. Much of their capital was derived from a bet Done had placed in the favor the possibility of England taking home that year’s World Cup that year.

Moving Their Feet Off the ground

Now that we know some more about the people behind Betfred We can then dig a little deeper into the reasons behind why Betfred has become so popular over the next few years. Done allowed his shop to stand out among the other stores in England at the time, since he treated it as an official business. He was always making his customer “sir” and offering complimentary drinks for customers.

His hospitality was instrumental in helping Betfred expand in numbers however, it also set the standard for betting shops to come in the future. In 1997 Betfred was home to over 100 betting establishments across Europe and in just three years, their shop count nearly doubled. Done made sure that even as the business was growing, they were still focused on what was the most important: customer service.

Betfred was the first betting shop to pay its customers prior to that the outcomes of a tournament were released. On March 28, 1998 Betfred made payments to all customers that had placed bets that Manchester United would win the Premier League prior to the game’s conclusion. This was Fred Done’s favorite team and he was sure that they would be victorious, which they subsequently were able to do so with just one tiny goal.

Continued to Expand ( is Born)

As time passed, Betfred continued to expand to over 500 betting establishments in March 2005. At the same time, Done saw a huge potential for growth within the market for online gambling. He enlisted a team of professionals to design, which all of his loyal customers who routinely visited his shops were eager to experience the moment it went live in 2004.

Right from the start, Betfred has been dedicated to making sure that its customers gamble responsibly. that’s the reason they added this on their site.

“Our customer service team is trained to deal with all aspects of responsible gaming and the following tips may be beneficial. We can assist you in staying in control by establishing deposit limits on your account either daily each week or every month. We invite you to contact our customer care team to set a amount that works for you.”

They also included a list of precautious ways to avoid a gambling issue from forming. has everything you can ever require including an online casino including slot games, live casino games, online sports betting, bingo, poker, and more. They also provide an online help service that provides their customers with assistance all day seven days a week and throughout the year. Customers can be assured that any questions they have will be answered in time as Betfred considers this to be one of their top priorities.

One feature of their website that is unique to their site can be found in that they have a Goals Galore Bonus coupon that they issue each week. It gives players the chance to choose which teams they believe will score without cost to them. According to an article from 2010 in The Guardian,

“Betfred is a business that continues to be innovative as evidenced by the recent introduction of the highly popular ‘goals galore’ coupon. gamblers are required to select five games that they believe the teams are likely to score.”

The Betfred website was launched in the year 2000. Betfred website went live, Betfred expanded into a mobile version of their website offering players the ability to connect to their site on the go. They have the same banking account and receive the same bonuses and promotions like they would were on their site.

Another way Betfred expanded was through the acquisition of The Tote in 2011, and acquiring its entire 517 stores, for just over $400 million. This move to the racing market is proven to be highly profitable for, as it has brought in an entirely new kind of sports bettors to their site. The Tote has actually been being offered for sale since mid-90s, but it wasn’t until Betfred decided to significantly increase their initial offers that the owners of The Tote finally decided to accept them.

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Relying upon Social Media

Betfred can now be found on almost every social media site that you could think of, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter. Betfred actually has multiple Twitter accounts that concentrate on particular areas of their site, including a page for bingo players, and a page dedicated to golfers. They update players with the latest information on what’s happening in the world of gaming while also notifying you of promotions they are running on at the time. was awarded an award for the Best Innovation in Social Marketing Award at E-Gaming Review’s Operator Innovation Awards ceremony in 2013. was recognized for their commitment to social media in order to attract visitors to the website.

Sponsorships & Charities

Betfred is one of the main sponsors of the Sheffield and Kinsley Greyhound Stadium Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, as well as the Owenton Stadium. They also sponsored the World Snooker Championship for four events between 2009 and 2012. Although choosing to take several years off from sponsoring them, Betfred decided to support the tournament once more in 2015. The details of this partnership are listed in the sections below.

Betfred’s charity of choice is The Injured jockeys’ Fund’s “Jack Berry House.” The main goal of the foundation is raising funds to build a modern rehabilitation facility for injured jockeys which will offer them any medical assistance they require.

This rehabilitation center will have a gym filled with the equipment needed to provide traditional physical therapy as well as the hydro-therapy pool. They will hire experts to manage the facility and provide programs of training for athletes who are interested in learning more about the proper diet and injury management as well as sports psychology and other topics that can aid in preventing severe injuries from happening in the near future.

Betfred has also contributed to several other local and international companies, such as those of the Harley Slack Fund, the Killing Cancer foundation, Manchester Children’s Hospital, Northern Racing College, along with the Retired Greyhound Trust to name just a few.