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Reasons to Choose an Independent Funeral Director in Leicester

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Many of us choose a personalised experience with regards to spending money. A lot so that a lot of us, fifty two %, are prepared to pay more for a much better experience.

Making funeral plans is a delicate procedure. It is essential to choose a seasoned funeral director that has the interests of yours at heart. In the UK, you will find simply 2 big chains delivering funeral services and numerous privately owned funeral companies run by modest teams.

A recent survey of more than 50’s discovered that almost all individuals will probably select neighborhood, impartial funeral directors – especially when planning their funeral in advance. Below are seven reasons you must select an unbiased funeral director.

Great service

If you select an unbiased funeral director such as Bay tree funeral Directors Leicester, you are going to receive all of the help and also care you need. We offer you all the choices of yours from picking out a coffin to burial services. Taking into account your individual budget and wishes, we will provide a good funeral arrangement.


We are able to help you make sense of all the funeral arrangement costs, which means you know precisely what you are investing in. Whether you are searching for a regular horse drawn funeral or perhaps a simple funeral with only the necessities, we provide funeral arrangement packages to fit every budget.

Experience and heritage

Independent funeral directors often times have many years of more powerful relationships and experience with the community of theirs.

Town focused

Independent funeral directors have good community connections and interact with neighborhood organizations.

Bereavement support

We provide ongoing support and invite folks living with bereavement to sign up our area bereavement support groups.

Supporting business that is community

If you select a neighborhood, independent funeral director you’re supporting the local economy of yours and neighbours, also. We are a close knit team that works with local businesses and charities to improve the community of ours.


Independent funeral directors are going to take the time to understand the unique situation of yours so you receive the best advice. You are able to contact some of the branches night of ours or maybe working day, call us in person, and let us arrive at you.

Our pre paid funeral plans

Pre-paid funeral plans relieve monetary concerns and stress from the family of yours and help put the mind of yours at rest. In case you’re thinking forward to funeral payment programs, visit the neighborhood branch now of yours and we will speak you through the specifics.