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All about repeat prescriptions

What’s a repeat prescription?

When the doctor of yours prescribes you exactly the same medicine on a continuing basis, this is usually completed with a repeat prescription. This may be a medicine for a long-term state like high blood pressure. The recurring prescribed is an instruction from the doctor of yours that claims you are able to be given this prescription down the road without having to get a scheduled appointment.
How’s it different to a typical prescription?

When the physician of yours offers a prescription it’s an eco-friendly side and gray side. When being provided a prescription for a training course of medication that you’ll just take for a little while, like antibiotics, this is written on the environmentally friendly side. You give this to the pharmacist of yours and get the medication of yours – simple.

With a recurring prescribed, the doctor of yours wants the prescription medication to become available on a continuing basis, therefore they create on the white side of the prescription to show this is established as a repeat prescription. Once you hand the green portion of the prescription to the pharmacist of yours, you have the white side and also you are able to utilize this to request coming prescriptions from the doctor of yours without having to book a scheduled appointment.
How can I purchase a repeat prescription?

The best part is, you do not need to reserve another GP appointment to obtain the next prescription of yours, therefore you do not need to hold out for the following available appointment which may postpone the medication of yours.

together with the white side of the prescription of yours, you are able to tick the medication you need and drop it all at the local GP surgery of yours. In case you cannot very easily make it into the GP of yours practice, you are able to decide to post repeat prescriptions on your GP – which could have a quite a while. You likewise have to ensure your timing is right – it is suggested you buy your recurring prescriptions no later than five times before you complete the current prescription of yours.
Order repeat prescriptions online

Although you might have usually used the white aspect of the prescription of yours to obtain the repeat medicines of yours, there is now an easy and quick method to get it done on-line. When the doctor of yours marks the medication of yours as being a repeat prescription it’ll instantly be marked as a repeat prescription.