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As a man, how do you look after your mental well-being?

One in eight men in the UK suffers from a common mental disorder. Three out of four suicides are committed each year by men. Why then is it that men don’t take the time to deal with mental health problems like depression and low mood?

Stigma is still present for many mental health problems to some degree. However, it is much more prevalent in the case of men’s mental illness. Men are expected to fulfill a traditional masculine role in many cultures. Therefore, admitting that they need help can be seen as weakness. Because of this, men are more inclined to abuse substances when they have mental health problems. They may be categorized as addicts instead of someone who has mental health issues.

Talking openly about mental health is a great way to decrease the stigma surrounding it for men. In recent years, celebrities of male gender have started sharing their personal mental health stories in order to encourage others to get help.

Men’s mental wellness role models

Dwayne, ‘The Rock Johnson’

No matter what profession you hold, depression isn’t discriminatory.

Steven Gerrard

“I believe that the key is to never keep it in and to never think it’s right to keep it in.”

Ryan Reynolds

“I can get quite depressed, and I have some anxiety and issues like that.”

Freddie Flintoff

“The hardest thing for my was speaking”

Michael Phelps

“I don’t remember ever wanting to be alive for more than four to five days. I didn’t want to talk to anyone.”

Olly Murs

“Under all it all I was just worried about what was going, and I was really depressed.”

Where can men find help for their mental health?

The key to addressing any mental health condition is early intervention. Get support as soon as you can before your mental health deteriorates to self-harm or suicidal thoughts.

According to research, men are more likely get mental health care online anonymously.

Support groups and forums

Many locations offer events for men that provide safe spaces for them to discuss their mental health. You can join us to get advice, share experiences, support other men, or just to simply listen and learn from the session.

Apps for mental well-being

Shawmind and Flourishzone are collaborating to improve mental health and well-being of 1000 people across the UK through their AI-powered wellbeing application. Flourishzone allows you to create your own private world in which you can practice any skill you wish, such as resilience or practical mental health skills.
Support lines

CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably), offers a helpline as well as a webchat, which you can access from 5pm to midnight every day of the year. CALM supports men who feel suicidal, or need to talk about any topic. They state that “being silent isn’t being strong.”

4 Tips for Men on Mental Health

Although men should look after their mental well-being as much as other people, it can be overwhelming to know where and how to begin. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your mental health.

Get lots of exercise. Even a short walk can greatly improve your mental health.
Talk with friends and family members to maintain human contact.
Take time to care for yourself, even if there are family members or a job.
Take care of your body and your mind by eating and drinking well.

Mental health does not have to be a weakness. However, it can be much more severe if not addressed early.