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Mushroom Spores: Beginner’s Guide

As more evidence is presented about the potential benefits of psilocybin, growing magic mushrooms is a popular option.
The practice of growing magic mushrooms from spores is still illegal under federal law. Psilocybin, however, remains a Schedule I drug. However, there are many online sources for magic mushroom kits. This has led to many people questioning the legality and potential consequences of growing magic mushrooms using spores.

This article describes the laws surrounding magic mushroom spores, and where they can be found. Continue reading for the complete guide.

Note: The information provided is only for educational purposes. We don’t condone, encourage or condone any illegal activity. It is up to the individual to research the laws relevant in their particular area.
What is Magic Mushroom Spores?

Many people liken mushroom spores UK with plant seeds. They can be used to help fungus reproduce.

One single mushroom can yield billions of microscopicspores. They are found in specialized structures that form on the gills and pores of mushrooms. Once they are mature, the mushroom releases the spores and wildlife transports them.

Once the spores have settled on a suitable surface, they germinate and produce strand-like structures called Hyphae. Multiple hyphae form a network that contains mycelium. This mycelium gets denser and bigger as it takes nutrients from its environment. When the conditions are right, it eventually produces mushrooms.

“Magic mushroom spores” could refer to any species of psychoactive, Psilocybin producing fungus. It is most commonly used for spores from members in the genus Psilocybe (P. cubensis or P. semilanceata), P. cyanescens and others.

P. cubensis can be found in many varieties. There are many cubensis strains available, including Golden Teacher (penis envy), Koh Samui and many others.
Are Magic Mushroom Spores a Legal Possession?

Psilocybin in the United States is a Schedule I Substance and is federally banned. Although some areas have made progress in decriminalizing the drug, this is far from complete legalization. Oregon has recently legalized the use of psilocybin in supervised medicinal applications.

Despite the prohibitive laws surrounding psilocybin-containing mushrooms, their spores are legal in most states.

However, despite the prohibitive laws currently surrounding psilocybin-containing mushrooms, their spores are legal in most states. It is not illegal to grow them. It is not illegal to purchase and possess spores.

California, Idaho and Georgia are the only states in which spores can be sold or possessed. The remaining 47 states have more relaxed laws.

Canada and many other countries in Europe have legalized magic mushroom spores.
Is there any psilocybin in spores?

Magic mushroom spores, which do not contain psilocybin are legal in many areas. The mushrooms grow the psychedelic compound, but it is not present in them.

Since only the psilocybin-containing parts of the mushrooms are illegal, it is permissible to possess the spores. Individuals only break the law if they germinate spores to produce mushrooms.

California, Idaho and Georgia are the exceptions to this rule. These states have laws that make spores illegal, even if they are not germinated.
How to Grow Magic Musket Spores

As we explained, it is illegal to grow magic mushrooms. While we don’t condone such activities, we recognize that some people may use psychedelic substances regardless of the law.

It is safer to grow magic mushrooms than to pick them wild. For education purposes and harm reduction, we have summarized this process.

Get some spores
Germinate the spores using a suitable substrate
Incubate your substrate to start mycelium colonization
Make grain spawn with rye or wheat, millet or other grains.
Mycelium is used to inoculate the grain spawn
Allow the grain to spawn to colonize completely in the incubator
Innoculate the bulk substrate (coco-coir, woodchips etc.).
Incubate bulk substrate
Initiate fruiting

These are just a few steps of a complex and lengthy process. There are many ways to grow magic mushroom spores. These steps can be very different.

Magic Mushroom Spores: Summary

It is possible to buy magic mushroom spores online. While magic mushroom spores can be grown legally, they aren’t illegal. They are generally sold for study and microscopy purposes only.

While possession of small quantities of magic mushrooms has been made illegal in some areas, it is still illegal in most other regions.

Some regions have made possession of small quantities of magic mushrooms illegal, but they are still relatively rare. All information provided is intended for education purposes only. Each individual should research the laws that apply to their particular area.