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The pros and cons of e-cigs

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There are plenty of differing opinions on vaping and electronic cigarettes. You may be aware of the health benefits of electronic cigarettes online, watched it on television or received information concerning it in the presence of family or acquaintances. In the subsequent day may have seen reports on the risks of smoking e-cigarettes. If you’ve considered quitting traditional cigarettes and switching to e-cigarettes but aren’t sure about the pros and cons, these mixed messages could make your decision confusing and difficult. In this post, we’ll explore the true benefits and drawbacks of electronic cigarettes to provide an accurate picture to help you decide if it’s a good idea for you or not.

The Pros

Let’s start with the advantages of electronic cigarettes. They seem to be safer options for smokers who have been smoking cigarettes for a long time. E-cigarettes are ideal for people who have tried to stop smoking for a long time.

You Have Control Over Nicotine Consumption

They are said to allow you to control your nicotine intake. E-liquids are available in various strengths, ranging from intense nicotine, to moderate to nicotine-free. You are able to choose the strength you want or how intense a substance you’ll need for e-cigarettes. The majority of e-cigarettes begin with the highest/intense amounts of nicotine, and gradually lower their nicotine levels until they reach lower levels of nicotine and eventually, reduce.

You Gain Instant Satisfaction

The initial satisfaction is quick and high using an e-smoke and do the trick of reducing your cravings for smoking. Though they need some tweaking when the e-cigarettes are light, they require only a single push or to activate the gadget (some electronic cigarettes have an auto draw). It is possible to use the e-liquid for an extended period during the day with no routine maintenance. The e-cigarette is always ready and whenever you wish to smoke.

E-Cigs are readily available in The Market

E-cigarettes are more easily accessible and readily available in the current marketplaces. Today, you can locate the liquid or substance in your neighborhood convenience store, vape shops gasoline stations, smoke cafes and so on. You can even purchase it onlineand the seller will deliver the product directly at your doorstep.

Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

E-liquids have components such as propylene glycol, vegetable nicotine, propylene glycol, and other flavoring ingredients that are food grade. The principle reason to smoke e-cigarettes is that they provide health benefits having lower levels of nicotine in comparison to traditional cigarettes. The substances that are believed to be contained in e-liquids are not contaminated with carcinogens. E-cigarettes are similar to cigarettes but does not attempt to smoke tobacco.

The Cons

Like every other cigarette comes with risks that come to it. The electronic cigarette is also a risky option with potential drawbacks.

E-Cig May Cause Cancer

It is likely that you are aware that all cigarettes contain a certain amount of nicotine. If you smoke e-cigarettes, and you are taking in a lot of nicotine then you could harm yourself through the toxic chemicals in the e-cigarette. Based on the evidence gathered in a research review, “conclusive evidence that completely replacing e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes decreases exposure to a variety of carcinogens and toxicants found in tobacco cigarettes that are combustible.” If you don’t have control over the amount of nicotine you consume you consume, there’s a good chance that you’ll develop cancer in your body.

Can Affect Your Lungs

Just like regular cigarettes E-cigarettes also possess the potential to harm the human lungs. The components contain flavors, solvents and toxicants that could be harmful for chain smokers. They expose the lungs various health issues. One of them is linked to diacetyl that is the reason to cause “popcorn lung”which is a serious and irreversible lung condition.


Vaping, smoking or smoking is up to you. Smoking a traditional cigarette or smoking e-cigarettes or vapors is an individual choice. Control and moderation are crucial to manage your consumption and to avoid overdoses of nicotine that could be dangerous.