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Vaser Liposuction – Frequently Asked Questions

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A single of the more popular methods of body shaping and removal of fat today is undoubtedly Vaser liposuction. Like all things there are pros and cons that we’ll discuss in this post. Be sure to read on past the end as we answer five more concerns you may have about the procedure. The reason there are so many people wanting spend money on this cutting-edge cosmetic procedure is due to the amazing results it can bring.

It utilizes the latest ultrasonic technology that removes excess fat from areas of your body that you would like to be slimmer and can help with shaping and contouring to create the body form you want. The major difference between this and other forms of liposuction is that it’s not very invasive and involves the removal of small fatty deposits from certain areas so that the surrounding tissues aren’t affected in the process.

In simple terms it simply, ultrasonic waves are shot at the fat deposits and break them into pieces. Although it’s highly effective it is, do not be rushing into having vaser lipo since you need to be 100% sure that it is the treatment you desire as there is always a risk with any surgical procedure.

The best way to start first is to set up an appointment with one of our experienced surgeons to answer any questions you ask
So, before you decide whether this is the right option for you it is important to go all the cons and pros to give you the complete picture of this kind of lipo. This is what we’re going to discuss in the following article to assist you in this regard.

Vaser Liposuction Pros

First, let’s start on positive foot and consider the numerous reasons why you should just like the many others before you, consider going ahead and undergo this type of fat-removal cosmetic procedure. Particularly if you are contemplating between vaser or regular lipo:

Vaser lipo is minimally-invasive and extremely safe. It is a significantly shorter recovery time than conventional lipo, and many patients are returning to work within several days, and fully recovering from the swelling and pain due to the procedure within 3 to 4 weeks.

The effects are visible within a matter of minutes in certain cases with low swelling, but it takes just 12 weeks for the majority of cases, meaning you don’t have to conceal your face for too time after having the treatment before you are able to reap its benefits.

With the use of specialized ultrasonic technology, surgeons, doctors and specially trained practitioners can identify with pinpoint accuracy the areas where you need the fat to be removed. Conventional lipo is when fat is typically removed away from general areas, which can cause damage to the surrounding tissues and prolong the recovery time as well as affecting the effectiveness of the procedure.

Thanks to the ultrasonic tech utilized in this procedure there are only a few incisions that have to be made in order to allow the fluid which aids in the suction component of the procedure to be injected. This means that the skin is virtually undeterred during the procedure and you’ll experience less pain, swelling and bleeding as a result.

Not just is the time for recovery quicker, but also the actual duration of this procedure is much quicker than conventional techniques for liposuction. Studies have confirmed this.

Since it can be utilized to provide more specific and precise body contouring, this means you can have a more defined and aesthetically pleasing body shape. Not only does it remove unneeded and undesirable fats as well, but it also assists out by smoothing those problematic parts of your body.

Vaser Liposuction Cons

In the interest of fairness even though we believe Vaser lipo is a very effective and safe procedure, it’s important to understand that like all surgical procedures, as well like there are pros and cons, there are also a number of cons to using this procedure.

Since Vaser Liposuction is less in-depth procedure than regular liposuction, the scars will be much smaller and less obvious. However, it’s important to note that there will be some visible scars. It’s all dependent on the area of the body being treated among other things. It’s essential when selecting the ideal aesthetic surgeons for this kind of procedure that you select one who is skilled in reducing the chances of scars and how serious they appear. And one that is honest with you right from the beginning about them.

Although not common, some patients are reported to suffer from a certain degree of discomfort and numbness in the treated area for weeks after the procedure. The majority of patients are back to work within 3 days. The specialist performing the procedure should be able to advise you on the best way to speed up the healing process though, as well as offering suggestions for reducing how serious and long the discomfort and numbness lasts.

Modern cosmetic procedures can yield visible results within a matter of minutes which is usually the situation with Vaser lipo, but sometimes the first results are more obscure due to the swelling.

It could take two to three months before the inflammation completely subsides. It can take another 2 to 3 months to get back to its fullness over the area that was treated. Due to this, you may need to wait up to 4-6 months to experience the end result. This means it may take a while to assess the effectiveness of the treatment has been , and the level of satisfaction you have.

You are able to put the weight back on, it will just distribute to different areas within your body. You should continue to maintain your lifestyle as healthy and balanced as you can.

The most frequently reported complications of Vaser Liposuction can be inflammation. While it’s usually not severe but there are some people who may experience more serious flares of inflammation as soon as they have completed the treatment. This might mean that you’ll be required to take specific medications to help you recover.

The pros and cons above weren’t compiled to totally put off you or make it difficult for you to follow the process. It was, instead designed to give you a fuller idea of what the procedure is and also the benefits and the negative points.

Why You Should Get Vaser Lipo For Us

The most important thing to remember when it comes to cosmetic surgery, just as when having any form of cosmetic surgery, is to be sure that you select the correct practice and surgeon to perform the procedure. Many people make the mistake of being too eager to get surgery and fail to make the right decisions because they’re in a rush to see the results.

We have a team of highly skilled cosmetic surgeons with the knowledge and expertise to provide safe, low-risk , and completely noninvasive Vaser lipo. If you are seeking out more information about the procedure itself, our prices or our leading professionals in the industry, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our warm and friendly customer service team will be able to address all of your questions. We will also schedule you for a consultation appointment. During this appointment, you will find out details about the procedure, and discuss with the surgeon about the area you’d like to have it done , and why.

5 More things You Should Learn About Vaser Liposuction – – FAQ’s

1. What exactly is it?

If you are looking to eliminate stubborn areas of fat, Linia offers liposuction and liposculpture procedures. By using the latest techniques, excess cellulite can be eliminated from nearly any part of the body or face to improve the look of the skin and give it an overall slimmer appearance. Many areas can be treated at one time with the most well-known locations to undergo Liposculpture are the stomach and thighs, buttocks, chin and male chest.

2. Why is it so popular and what are the advantages?

Even with our greatest efforts follow a healthy diet, and to exercise regularly and remain in shape, many of us are aware the areas of our bodies that we are unable to shed stubborn fat. In women, most often, these areas are hips, the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, buttocks, knees , abdomen and buttocks. While men tend to are less likely to have a higher percentage of body fat total than women, it is more likely to accumulate around their waists and abdomens beneath the chin, and, sometimes, on their breasts. Lipo Manchester is a procedure that reduces or eliminates deposits of fat permanently, which results in the loss of pounds and inches, and combining it with more pleasing and attractive appearance. Fat cells are believed not to grow in adulthood, so their removal can result in an unaffected change to your appearance, regardless of changes in your body weight. However, it won’t keep you from adding weight in future.

3. What are the risks and the likely effects?

Cosmetic Surgery, just like other procedure, is an “trauma” to the human body . There are risks that come with every procedure. Every person’s body is distinct and your overall condition, fitness as well as your age and genetic profile will all have an effect on how quickly you heal, and as well on the possibility of adverse side effects. If you drink alcohol, smoke or are overweight, and/or use medications for medical or other reasons, your risk of complications during and following surgery could be significantly elevated. Smoking cigarettes in particular is discouraged because it increases the chance of both infection, wound breakdown or thrombosis (blood forms that clot). Following liposuction, it is common for patients to experience fatigue or swelling, pain, swelling and the sensation of numbness. The greater the size of the area being treated, the more severe the symptoms may be. The most frequently reported effect of this procedure is swelling beneath the skin along with the appearance of irregular, hard bumps that appear beneath the surface. It is normal and will decrease in the weeks and months after surgery, assisted by frequent, regular and thorough massage. More severe bruising is possible especially if you have bleeding issues or have been taking anti-inflammatory medications or aspirin. We will therefore check your clotting profile and full blood count prior to the procedure. A serious infection is extremely rare, but the areas which were treated may become inflamed and there can occasionally be some fluid leaking from the incisions. Occasionally irregularity underneath the skin can result that may require further liposuction for adjustment.

4. How long is recovery expected to take?

Your surgeon will see you when you’ve been released from the anaesthetic and will make sure that all is going well. The nurse will assist you apply a tight-fitting pressure garment over the treated area to support the treated area and decrease swelling. Most often, you will be discharged the same day, but occasionally, an overnight stay might be recommended if you’ve had multiple locations treated. After leaving, you will be provided with post-operative instructions along with appropriate contact numbers in the event that you need to reach us anytime.

Week 1 – 2

There will be some discomfort and discomfort within the initial days following the operation, and particularly when the effects of anaesthetic begin to wear off. This can be managed by regular medication that we offer. You might also notice some liquid discharge that appears pinkish from the incision sites for about a week: this is normal and the dressings will take it in. The pressure garment must be worn all every day and night for the next two weeks. You can however remove it to wash or shower. The next six weeks the pressure garment should be worn “most all the time”. You may “feel” and/or “imagine” the fact that your self is bigger than you were before surgery! Again, this is normal and is entirely because of post-operative swelling and fluid retention which will decrease. The areas treated will remain tender and sore, and you may feel tired and stiff. It is possible back to work as soon after, although we would advise taking several days off from work in the event of a need. After a week or two, you should be feeling less bruising and discomfort will be less. The nurse will visit you for a visit about 7-10 days after your operation. She will remove any stitches that have not disintegrated, and your dressing is removed.

Week 8-10

The surgeon will visit you again, usually 8 – 10 weeks afterwards for a full post-operative evaluation. At this point, you’ll notice visible improvements and the minor scars will be fading. Numbness and numbness may continue to persist for several months. We normally advise you not to expect to see all the results up to 6-9 months.