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What is Sports Massage?

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Roman as well as Greek athletes used massage techniques and other forms of exercise to prepare for competitions in the early times. In the 1960s, which was more recent athletes from the communist past and U.S.S.R. began traveling in the very first instance, using massage therapists. What did Romans, Greeks and communists have to be aware of? It is a form of massage designed specifically for those who are involved in sports activities. The goal of sports massage is to prevent injuries, keep your body and mind in most optimal condition for maximum performance, and helping to recover from strains and injuries.

What is What is Massage?

There are more kinds that you think, including Swedish aromatherapy, hot stones deep tissue, and aromatherapy. Other kinds of massage include reflexology, trigger point, Shiatsu, Thai, prenatal couples, chair sports, and many others. Each massage type employs various techniques that target different muscles with different goals.

Massage isn’t just suitable for competitive or elite athletes, but it can also benefit those who just want to be active and physically fit as they can. All people on the spectrum, sports massage can provide more flexibility, better performance, less anxiety, pain and less tension in the muscles. Your massage therapist will, while treating the entire body in the manner you require to systematically work on the muscles and soft tissues of your body which are affected as well as affected by sport or exercise.

Sports Massage for elite athletes

The elite athletes who get sports massage usually take part in massages right before events often between events or heats of an event and typically immediately following an event, in addition to during training or post-competition intervals. A professional athlete might prefer having massages performed by an experienced sports massage therapist who is certified. In Canada there are sports massage therapists who take part in the National Sports Massage Certification program.

Sports Massage for Active People

People who love sporting activities for recreation will definitely get massages from the help of a qualified sports massage therapist but they may also benefit from the benefits of sports massage – relief from cramps, aches, tension in muscles, and pain–at the feet of an therapist who may not have certification in that specific area. Even if you’re not involved in sporting events Massage therapists can assist to live a healthy life with the least chance of injury as well as the fastest and complete recuperation from any injuries that may occur.

What are the benefits of sports massage near me?

Sports massage can provide a array of benefits to athletes and people who are active of all ages and levels. Although everyone is unique the research on sports massage has found the benefits of massage:

More range of motion, and greater flexibility
A more positive psychological and emotional feeling of wellbeing
Relaxed muscles and less spasms
Better blood circulation and better rest
In a study in 2016 carried out by Oxford University, sports massage could provide relief from pain
The research conducted at McMaster University in 2012 that properly-timed massage can alleviate the pain of injured muscles by sending anti-inflammatory signals to enhance muscle growth and may even increase the size of mitochondria, the parts of our cells responsible for generating energy from our food sources.
The study conducted at McMaster found that massages for sports helped to reduce the time needed for recovery between competitions and workouts.

A study in August 2013 titled “Effects on the effects of Swedish massage on heart rate, blood pressure and inflammation factors in overweight women” has been published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The study did not address the specific benefits of massage for sports, but it did reveal the advantages of massage in general lower blood pressure and heart rate decreased recovery time, increased rehabilitation, decreased anxiety and mood improvement increased circulation of blood and oxygen as well as pain relief. It also improved elasticity and healing, and stabilized stress hormones.

The manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues can cause tenderness, and sometimes stiffness of the muscles for a day or two following your treatment. This stiffness and tenderness is normal and will disappear in a short time. The massage therapist you choose will inform you what you can expect. However, if you’re worried about post-massage sensations , or how long they’ll last call your massage therapist as soon as possible for help.

Understanding the limitations of sports massage

It is also important to know the advantages sports massage can’t offer. In assessing a prospective professional in sports massage, you need to make sure that the person you’re evaluating isn’t over-promising and you’re not setting unrealistic expectations.

Massage therapy doesn’t remove the lactate that is accumulating in your muscles and leads to soreness and muscle pain. In the end, time and a pause in exercise or active recovery techniques break down the lactose, not massage.

A study titled “Effect of massage therapy for sports on recovery and performance in a comprehensive review, meta-analysis and systematic analysis” has been published by BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine. The study concluded that sports massage does not increase speed of sprints and jump distances. It does not improve measures of strength. In addition, it doesn’t reduce the decrease in velocity and force that is only recovered through rest.

These outcomes are important to comprehend since massage therapy is not an alternative to effort and training. In conjunction with training and effort however, the improved flexibility, increased relaxation, increased range of motion and relief from specific trigger points experienced through massages for sports can result in improved recreational and athletic performance.

What can you expect during the course of a sports Massage

Every athlete, whether elite or recreational has its own unique characteristics and different goals, and each massage therapist has their own style and specializations however, there are some aspects of sports massages that are the same across all sports. Here are some things you can expect during the next sports massage.

In the beginning, you can anticipate your sports massage therapist ask you plenty of questions. The questions may include: What’s bugging you? What type of exercise do you engage in or in which activities do you take part? Are you suffering from any injuries? Your truthful and accurate information will allow your massage therapist provide the maximum benefits for you.

The second reason is that sports massage can differ from the massages that relieve stress. While a massage for stress relief may affect the entire body, a sports massage tends to focus on specific trouble areas or muscle groups that are associated with the sport or exercise of your choice, and trigger points that are associated with the muscle groups involved.

Third, you could be pleasantly surprised by the selection of massage techniques you’ll be able to experience during a single massage session, depending on the massage therapist’s opinion on what could be beneficial to you. There are also the Swedish style of techniques, such as stroking or petrissage, effleurage, or kneading. Other kinds of massages you might encounter include the stretching, gliding and vibration tapping, rhythmic strikes as well as friction, compression or. If at any point any of these techniques is uncomfortable for you at all, make sure to inform the massage practitioner know immediately.

In the end, as we’ve mentioned previously it’s normal to feel sore after an exercise massage that numerous trigger points are activated and tight muscle regions are stretched, and it can feel sore or your muscles might feel stiff the following day.

If you’re an elite athlete or someone who is a fan of physical activity as part of an active life, massage therapy for sports can provide benefits that range from increased mental well-being to speedier recovery. Find out what benefits you can reap from massage for sports and other massage therapies, contact us today for an appointment for answers to any questions you may have.