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Residence Requirements for the 888E Visa

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The 188E visa is an Australian immigration program that is designed to allow startups or early-stage entrepreneurs that have received the approval in the development of their ideas and have been approved by an state or Territory Government agency within Australia. It is valid for for up to five years. Visa holders are eligible to request Permanent Visa 888E after 3 years.

The eligibility requirement for the 188E Visa

Nomination Requirement for the 188E Visa

You have to be approved by an official of a state or Territory government agency prior to being granted this visa. A State, or Territory government agency who nominates you cannot retract their nomination once you submit your application or else we’ll not be able to issue you a visa.

You need to be approved by any of the following government agencies to help you develop your business ideas:

South Australia is the first state to open the application for 188E in 2021-2022, the year of the program.

Age Requirements for the 188E 澳洲投资移民 Visa

You won’t be granted an invitation if are 55 years old or older at the time you receive the invitation to apply for the visa except if the state or Territory government agency has determined that the proposed business venture will have a high-value economic value.

Business requirements for the 188E Visa

You must be carrying out or attempting to engage in an entrepreneur-related compliance activity in Australia. You must be able to demonstrate a genuine intent to pursue this business.

An entrepreneurial activity that is compliant must be connected to an concept that can lead to:

commercialisation of a service or service the commercialisation of a product or service Australia the commercialisation of a product or service within Australia
the growth and growth of an business, enterprise or company in Australia

This activity cannot be related in any way to one or more of the categories listed below:

residential real estate
employment and training
the purchase of an existing company or an existing franchise in Australia

English Requirements for the 188E Visa

At a minimum, you must be able to speak proficient English

How can I apply for a permanent visa after obtaining The 188E Visa?

The eligibility requirements for 888E Visa are as follows:

Nomination Requirement for the Visa 888E

You need to have a current nomination from an state or Territory Government agency.

If you were applying for your temporary visa, you submitted your expression of interest. The state government or Territory government agency viewed your interest in the application and proposed you to be a nominee.

There is no have to submit a new declaration of interest. However, the government agency has to verify that your request is valid,

Business Requirements for the 888E Visa

You need to be able to demonstrate the success of the entrepreneurial ventures you’ve engaged in during this 188E Visa.

You’ll need to prove one of the following:

2 important success factors or
1 crucial success factor and 3 factors supporting success

The most important success factors include:

Employing two or more Australians permanent residents, other individuals who are eligible
producing an annual revenue of at minimum AUD300 1 000
filing for a preliminary patent, or getting a standard or an innovation patent
getting ongoing investment or funding in your entrepreneurial activity
signing a partnership agreement with the university
selling an entrepreneurial business for $2 million

Factors that can help you succeed are:

adapting your entrepreneurial activity to other areas of business
receiving a success statement from a territory or state government nominee
getting financial support from corporations
beginning at least one other business, or as a contributor to at least two other businesses
being awarded formal awards or recognition
making or contributing to social capital

Entrepreneurial activities in Australia can’t be:

residential real estate
employment and training
purchasing an existing business or the purchase of a franchise in Australia

When you operate your company in Australia both you and your co-worker must follow:

Commonwealth laws
your business’s laws are governed by the state or territory in which your business was operating

This includes taxation laws and superannuation as well as workplace relations.

Residence requirements for the 888E Visa

You have to have been in Australia for at least 2 out of four years in the capacity of the business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) in the Entrepreneur stream, if you were asked to apply for this visa.