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6 Things To Look For In A Wedding Planner

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It’s easy to be overwhelmed in the wedding planning process. In addition to organizing, researching and locating the most suitable suppliers for cost, the process is about negotiating the costs, making sure that everything is completed on time and that your wedding day is smooth – all the while making sure your guests are comfortable and having fun!
In addition to this, a lot of us are employed full-time and trying to manage working with a social life as well as wedding planning, well, something’s going to happen! This is why a wedding planner is able to save the day.

Planning Your Wedding

There are three different kinds of wedding planning services that wedding planners typically provide:

Wedding planners are only available for specific jobs, e.g. to assist with catering, or the floral arrangements for the wedding
A wedding planner is only for your wedding day to make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can enjoy your day and leave it to an experienced professional
Beginning the minute you start planning your wedding, you will be able to assist in every aspect of the wedding

When you’ve decided on the type of service you need in addition to your budget, here are the six factors to take into consideration when selecting the wedding planner you want to use:

1. Trust and Personality

It’s essential that you locate a planner you can instantly connect with. There are instances where you can send up to 20 emails in a single day to the coordinator with specifics about your wedding and there are also more stressful moments than others when the bridezilla in your head could be a factor. This is when you’ll need an event planner who can remain in a calm state and truly listen to your.

It’s also essential to make sure that you can be able to trust the planner since there are occasions that planning can be challenging. Although they might be exceptional in their field making sure that your personalities mesh and you are able to trust the planner completely is crucial.

2. Portfolio

Make sure you take some time to look over the weddings that your wedding planners have previously planned not just to get ideas for your own wedding and to ensure that their style is similar to yours.

Things to be aware of include:

Are weddings merely simple occasions or are they more extravagant and lavish?
If you’d prefer your wedding’s theme to revolve around colors and flowers, find out what the planner has created similar themes before and, if yes, to what extent?
Are they specialized in a specific kind of wedding?
Are they aware of the location of the wedding?
Do they have vendors they are currently working with? If yes, will the wedding coordinator be in a position offer a discount to your wedding?
What kind of weddings do they typically handle?

Wedding planners can make sure that every aspect of your wedding day is flawless However, each has their own set of skills that bring to the table, whether it’s the design of your wedding or food. You must make sure that the wedding is in line with the expectations you have set.

3. Communication

Communication is a crucial aspect of planning your wedding of desires. This is why you should consider the response time between the moment you contact the planner via email, phone or text and the time they reply to you. Are they too busy? Are they taking an extended time to respond the clients they have contacted? The planner must keep you informed on the plans and making sure that you know when to expect a response will ease the anxiety.

4. Pricing Structure

Every wedding is different , and the fact that you’re only looking for a coordinator for certain tasks, for the wedding itself or even if you’d prefer the planner to accompany all the way through willobviously have an impact on the cost. The pricing structure may be one among the following

A flat-rate
A base cost plus additional charges based on the vendors and their requirements.
A rate per hour

If the planner has an hourly rate then find out what is included in this. Also, discover whether there is any payment plan and what the billing process is. It’s important to discuss upfront in the planning process in relation to the budget in order to make sure that everyone is content.

5. Other Weddings

It is important to know how many weddings other than yours that the wedding planner is planning and the weddings that they’re planning which take place during the same month that your wedding. If the planner is part of a major wedding planning firm and their company has additional weddings plannedand will have a larger team of people to collaborate with. If they are an independent wedding planner It is better if they are exclusively focused at your wedding.

You want your wedding planner to be committed to the wedding so that your wedding preparations and the wedding go smoothly.

6. References

Be sure to obtain some references to recent weddings the wedding planners have planned. It’s essential to contact and ask how the clients have planned their wedding and how the wedding day was. In the event that the coordinator doesn’t wish to provide references , it’s an indication of a problem and it’s best not to collaborate with them. This can also be a factor in building trust with your wedding planner, and gives peace of peace of.