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All About Wedding Photo Booth Hire

You’ve made a decision to hiring an engagement photo booth to use at the reception at the end of your wedding day. You’re aware of what a photo booth does and are a clear concept of how they function. But what do you need to look for when picking your booth and vendor?

We will look at the most important things to be thinking about and/or ask your prospective wedding photographer to make sure your wedding photo booth hire Newcastle goes off without an issue.

The first step is to take into consideration your budget. How much do you have to your wedding photo booth?

Next , you should check if there’s an Photo Booth Guest Book included in the rental package. Certain companies offer this as a part of the package or as a special offer while others charge on its own.

The concept in the Guest Book is to make sure that every photographs taken, a second copy is printed and inserted in an appropriate styled album of photos by your booth attendant, after where your guests can leave personal messages.

It is suggested that you purchase an invitation book in your wedding package because they can create wonderful memories that you can cherish during the days, weeks and even years after your big day.

Wedding Photo Booth Options

The booth must be handled by a professionally educated and well-dressed photo Booth Attendant, often called a booth butler.

Also, make sure to ask the wedding photographer to confirm that the booth will be manned. Your attendant for the booth can add an enormous value to your booth rental by providing guidance to guests who aren’t sure how to proceed and inviting guests to use the booth, and if it is available you can use any fun props that are available.

When selecting your wedding photo booth provider, make sure you inquire about the available options in the software used for photo booths. In the minimum, you’ll require the option of single images or multiple photos printed on a photo (usually four photos)) or video capture.

If video recording is offered, make sure you confirm the length of the video isn’t restricted in length Certain booths will allow 15 seconds recording time per message.

Other options could include personalized messages and backgrounds for photos in addition to possibilities to use “Green screen”.

It’s similar to what you’ve seen on TV or in films where the guests will stand before an green screen located at the back of the booth . They they can choose from a variety of backgrounds that will be shown to them behind in the picture.

If it’s about the design of the booth, some hire businesses will provide you with the option of having the booth customized for the front, but this could be expensive when you opt for personalisation of the entire booth.

The other option are to choose the color of the booth that matches the wedding color scheme you choose. It is worth noting that the most popular option is an all-white wedding booth.

How many guests can fit into your wedding’s photo booth will be determined by the design and style of your booth. The majority of booths are oval-shaped and can accommodate about six adults inside.

Other designs that are available include the bullet and square shape booths that are likely to be able to seat up to 8-10 guests simultaneously It is therefore worth taking into consideration the expected size of your group of family and friends when choosing the photo booth.

Then there are the less obvious yet essential aspects of the wedding photo booth rental are health and safety and insurance. The venue you have chosen for your wedding reception is likely to require an official copy of your photo booth rental company’s public liability plan, as well as an original photocopy of the PAT testing certification for electronic devices that is used within the booth.

Professional photographers should be able provide the booths without any hesitation.

If you’re considering hiring a photo booth to your wedding, and you’d like more information, contact us.