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Fashion Tips For Men

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In today’s society the last thing we need to have is an increase in rules. But advice from a professional is highly beneficial and, as menswear gets more and more different, in times of doubt and confusion it’s helpful to have a valuable fall-back position that you can rely on. These “rules” are likely to be founded in history and are always conservative They’ve served for generations and are still relevant today too.

1. Choose a suit that’s right for you.

Modesty is key here. If you’re buying off the shelf, ensure that the shoulders are properly fitted as you are able to easily change the waist and chest. If this is your primary or only suit, be cautious of new trends or “time piece” outfits that look attractive in the shop, but tend to overstate the presence of your attire. These kinds of suits tend to be very short lived and start to appear like a novelty after a while. Classic is best and ideal suits that are dark, two-button single-breasted, with moderate details. The idea is to think of this suit as a surface to create different concepts that are unique around. It’s the way you wear it, not the label inside, that impresses.

2. Find a top watch

A watch for men can be described as a work of art. They can express your personality by a glance. If you’re planning to own one watch of a high-quality, ensure that it is useful, yet practical and not excessive. The most attractive, functional, and durable sports models go with anything and can take the hard hits of daily wear. The ideal size is 40mm. But be aware that when it comes to the wrist size this is only an approximate guideline. The fit must always correspond to the size of the man wearing the watch.

3. Be confident with color.

If it’s casual or formal attire the addition of color is something you should indulge in. The majority of men are intimidated by it and stick to predominantly grey and navy however color is timeless, too. We recommend pinks, greens, mustard and brighter shades of blue, which are versatile year-round shades that will elevate your whole outfit. Remember, when you’re thinking about color there is no need to be over the top one piece of an outfit is enough.

4. Wear your jeans often

A fashionable Jeans are the slim taper. It’s a bit wider in the thigh , so it stays comfortable, however it gets smaller to allow for informal or semi-formal footwear. Your jeans are an essential in your wardrobe Don’t be afraid to wear them till they are comfortable and worn.

5. Look after your appearance

This is exactly the kind of advice you’d expect to hear from your mother. You’ve made a big investment in these items, so you need to look after these items. Acquire some good hangers dry clean your clothes, use the gentle cycle when using the machine to wash, and stay clear of the tumble drying process. Make sure you clean and polish your shoes regularly and never forget to press your pants and shirts where appropriate. Similar is true for you. Make sure to wash your teeth and your hair frequently and shower. Style your hair, clip your nails and remove any hair that is not needed.

6. Good quality underwear can make you feel fantastic

Select your underwear so that you are secure and comfortable. There’s nothing more irritating than underwear with seams everywhere. Remember that when you go to the gym, you are likely that people will spot you in your underwear, so ensure it fits correctly and looks stylish and sophisticated.

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7. Great shoes make the man

Whether you are dressing up in formal attire or going for a walk, choose the best quality shoes that are not overly busy and brand-named. Shoes that are cheap lose their shape and can be very limited to what they can pair with. Men’s magazines often state they believe that footwear is the most important element in making a great first impression. So, make sure they’re a top pair and well looked after.

8. Keep accessories to a minimum

One of the most effective ways to make yourself stand out is to dress in vibrant colors and patterns, but it isn’t always the attention you are looking for. It is best to make your accessories small accents and opt for pieces with very small in texture. This will serve you well when mixing the accessories you wear with other clothing since it is likely to go with more of your outfits. Of course, there is a time for extravagant style, but in terms of a standard for the general fashion of men we would suggest a subtle approach over loudness.

9. Be aware of your own

Certain people are able to enter an area and be noticed regardless of what they wear. They radiate an aura about that is confident. Choose clothes that boost your confidence and make one feel confident in his own appearance. There’s nothing more unfashionable than someone being given a dress code even if it doesn’t suit the persona they have.

10. Remember the place you are

It’s important to match the setting. You’ll likely dress more conservatively when attending a black tie dinner than at a fundraiser with a dance band. Under dressing or over dressing will usually make you feel uncomfortable , and your confidence will suffer.

11. Glasses don’t have to be just for your eyes

A good pair of glasses will help tie your outfit together. It is important to select a pair which complements the style you are trying to achieve rather than feeling embarrassed to wear the glasses. Glasses that are trendy and current are a very essential part of your style.

12. Choose your outerwear wisely

It was the norm that a coat that matched any occasion was generally wool. It did not perform well in extreme conditions. Nowadays, thanks to the wide variety of types of fabrics and the latest technology in outerwear there’s always a piece that is light but practical. It is important to ensure that it can be worn over a variety of looks from formal to casual.

13. A basic shirt can be a great choice.

It could be a surprise to you that a basic t-shirt as when it’s properly pressed is the most practical item of clothing you could own. A well-pressed shirt with a collar but without tie is also suitable for the majority of the occasions you’ll be attending.

These rules are the basic guidelines for newcomers to their fashion, but remember that after a while, rules can be broken when you are more confident with your appearance fashionably. Stick to these basics and then add some flair once you’re at your best and you won’t be able to get it wrong.