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Le Labourer Workwear Coats & Jackets

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Le Laboureur produce standard French workwear. Founded in 1956 by Primo Zalenti, initially producing clothes for farming use, the marque later on extended the number to workwear for the structure industry. Le Laboureur, that translates as “The Ploughman”, continues to be run by the Zalenti family to this particular day, right now under the command of Primo’s child Jean Charles. They continue producing fine hand made clothing, still with the original styles of theirs, using conventional techniques in Digoin, France.

Based in the south of Burgundy, France, Le Laboureur are producing the standard work wear of theirs since 1956.

Using traditional supplies and patterns of the best they work creating the traditional work use of the region and common French clothes on the whole. The chore jacket we inventory is one of the first designs of theirs, initially meant as a jacket for using in the garden as well as discipline. This was taken in place by additional hand-operated employees, with particular trades taking care of a specific colour although initial blue became well known as’ bleu de travail’.

The fabric used evolved very, typically it would have been a cotton twill, little and affording sufficient protection for common duties this is continually used these days. Over time along with the uptake of the coat by numerous trades there came a necessity for an even much more powerful fabric. This come in the type of’ mole cotton’, a tightly woven cotton that affords increased protection in heavy work. The tight weave provides the slight sheen (which wears off rather quickly) and it is a solid barrier against the large put on and sparks of metallic from the fabrication of its. This tighter weave additionally means it protects better against rain and wind in daily wear.

In keeping with this particular ethos their apparel isn’t at all a’ fashion’ in shape, it’s constructed being used in the area as well as factory and thus is typically larger. Our range features their traditional work jacket (or maybe gardeners over coat) in several garments, every one of the highest quality and produced by hand in the factory of theirs.