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Minimising The Risks Of Using Sunbeds

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Sunbeds, also known as tanning beds the kind of device used to get that sought-after tanned look without having to sit in the sunlight. The use of sunbeds is extremely popular in countries where a lack of sunshine is a challenge to get an organic tan such as in the UK However, what are the dangers and advantages of sunbeds?

How do Sunbeds work?

The sunbed equipment emits UV-A as well as UV-B waves. These are the components that sunlight naturally produces. The UV-A and UV-B radiations enhance melanin production, the chemical that gives skin the tanned appearance.

The timer is set and the patient lay on the bed and soaks in UV radiation. The typical session lasts 15-20 minutes . Upper limits are determined according to the radiation levels of the particular sunbed as well as the approved limits.

Beyond cosmetic reasons It is believed that sunbeds offer health benefits as well. But, there are some legitimate concerns regards to their use.

This article will clarify the advantages and dangers of sunbeds and provide guidelines to minimize the risks.

Help you achieve that perfect bronzed look.

This is perhaps the most obvious benefits of using sunbed hire Sheffield. Being exposed to sunlight – whether either artificial or natural – can be the secret to a beautiful tanning. A “healthy” tanning session is always valued and makes you feel confident about yourself.

In many nations around the globe weather conditions do not allow individuals to let their skin be exposed to sun’s radiation. Sunbeds are akin to the UV radiation that the sun gives your body, thereby helping you get that golden tan you’ve always wanted.

Gives Your Body Vitamin D

Another well-known reason to use sunbeds. The majority of individuals believe UV radiation is harmful for the skin. This is a myth as UV radiation can be harmful when used in excess. It is essential that you expose yourself to UV radiation as it aids your body to synthesize Vitamin D that is commonly referred to as the sunshine vitamin, by removing its precursor substances. If you don’t get UV radiation the process ceases and your body fails to create the quantity of Vitamin D.

In order to give you an insight into the importance Vitamin D is to your body, here’s a list of roles Vitamin D is playing in different functions at the cellular as well as molecular levels:

Maintains the health and density of bones of teeth
It is a crucial component in the normal functioning of the nervous system, the brain and the immune system.
Helps manage diabetes by regulating levels of insulin
Are an important factor in the expression of genes that control the growth of cancerous cells.

Although you can supplement with supplements to combat Vitamin D deficiency sunbeds can help you get Vitamin D by transferring it into your body in a way which mimics natural processes.

It is used to treat certain skin conditions

Skin issues can range from moderately unpleasant to crippling, as are many other ailments. However, even the mildest skin problems like acne, vitiligo and pruritus might not just affect you physically but may also affect your confidence and social life and make the condition more serious than what their medical effects be.

It has been demonstrated the exposure of UV radiation when combined with medical treatment may aid in reducing or even curing many skin ailments like acne, psoriasis and pruritus, atopic, Scleroderma, vitiligo, and other UV sensitive skin conditions.

This procedure, referred to as phototherapy, began by dermatologists’ offices. In the present, an increasing percentage of people are turning to sunbeds as an alternative because of their affordability and accessibility.

It is possible to treat certain forms of Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is sometimes referred to by the name winter depression is a form of depression that is seen in those living in higher altitudes during winter. It can be characterized by a low energy levels in the morning, anxiety, insomnia and weight gain as a result of excessive eating, fatigue and a heightened craving for carbs.

The occurrence of this condition is believed to be due to lack of sunlight. It is understood that exposure to UV radiation triggers the body to respond by releasing endorphins which create a feeling of happiness. However, the absence of this stimulation can cause seasonal Affective Disorder for those susceptible to it. Sunbeds have been proven to help treat this condition in certain patients.

Although there are many advantages to sunbeds, the dangers posed by sunbeds can’t be ignored .

Risks Of Sunbeds

Exposed to UV Rays

Sunbeds emit similar radiation to the sun, in the same precautions that must be taken just as if you go to the sun’s rays. Sunbed users are typically to either frigid or temperate zones, and are unaware of the precautions to be observed when exposed to tropical radiation levels. They often get exposed to too much UV radiation.

Age-related premature aging of the skin

The excessive exposure to UV is linked to premature ageing of the skin that results in rough, leathery and wrinkled appearance. This is due to the harmful effects on the skin caused by UVB.

More Risk of Melanoma

There are several studies that have connected the rise in instances of melanoma, which is one of the types of cancer that affects the skin, to the increase in sunbeds. But, some experts believe that the increase in the incidence of cases is due to better screening rates, incorrect diagnosis and other factors from the environment.

Reduced Risks When Utilizing Sunbeds

While there are risks to sunbeds, the majority they can be reduced by being informed and knowledgeable about the proper usage of sunbeds. Here are some suggestions to help get the most benefit from your sunbed while minimizing the risks:

Don’t apply sunbeds without consulting with your physician. Consult a dermatologist in regards to the number of sessions that are suitable for you, based on the type of skin you have and any other related issues.
Only visit licensed and reputable tanning parlours and therapists. Many ‘hobbyist’ therapists aren’t knowledgeable and, if they are not aware, could cause serious harm to your health that could make you qualified to file an claim for compensation from sunbeds.
Limit your sunbed usage to a maximum of 10 sessions per year. Don’t overdo it, and don’t do two sessions within two days of one another.
Be sure to away from sunlight the same day of you undergo treatment, as this can increase the risk of exposure.