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Pairing An Outfit With The Right Jewelry

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When worn with the right outfit, you’ve probably noticed that a few jewelry pieces can elevate an outfit. There’s a chance you have an earring that you have been wearing to match your favourite LBD or necklace that you’ve always worn for work.

However, are there any unwritten guidelines to which jewelry goes with what clothes?

Although not officially recognized, there’s a technique to wearing jewelry in conjunction with clothing.

Below, we’ll give you our top tips for matching jewelry to outfits. Check out our video tutorial for even more ideas! Be aware that These are just guidelines which we’ve observed work well. Always be yourself and do what you like!

How to wear necklaces your outfit

These are not so official rules for combining necklaces an outfit:

Plain shirts and solid shirts are a great way to use the addition of a necklace and draw attention.
High necklines (like the turtleneck or collared shirt as well as mock necks) are a great fit for the statement necklaces or multi-layered necklaces. Layered necklaces work best to wear in more formal settings and a big statement piece is great for a night out.
In the event that you’re wearing a loose or loose shirt, wear a necklace to give your body a more defined look and stop the shirt from overpowering your body. It’s a good idea to choose the necklaces to have more of a textured surface so that they be noticed against the garment.
Simple necklaces as well as fine gold or silver chains look great with the majority of clothes. Wear them with a t-shirt or a v-cut when you would like to flaunt your clavicle. Add some fun to your look with a fashionable necklace.

For more help with jewelry outfit click here.

Which earrings are appropriate for you to wear?

What earring do you prefer? Learn more about it to help choose.

Studs are a great choice for casual clothes, as well as more formal outfits. They go with everything.
Earrings that are bold make an outfit more elegant. They instantly draw the spotlight to your face, which is why they’re great for dress-up outfits that are perfect for dates. We recommend a striking pair of earrings when you’re dressing in a dress or out for a night. For the best effect, select earrings that match your hair’s color for the earring to stand out.
If you’re wearing a slender neckline, you can wear earrings that draw focus to your gorgeous face.

Watches or bracelets that match your ensemble

Let your wrists shine and show off your wrists, baby. Here’s the best way to wear an accessory to make sure your outfit truly pops.

Tank tops and short sleeves are great for bracelets. They showcase your arms and add colour to your look. Wear bangles, simple chains, or layers… what you’re feeling.
Cuffed shirts can also be an ideal option for bracelets.
Wearing bracelets in long-sleeved tops, in case you intend to roll your sleeves. The bracelets you choose to wear should be able to move freely.

How do you accessorize your look by wearing rings?

This is the best feature of rings: they go with everything. This is why we wear wedding rings instead of the wedding… watch for example! There could be other reasons we wear rings for weddings, however I think you get our point.

Here are some expert strategies to improve your ring game an even higher level

Like jewelry, rings look adorable with long-sleeved shirts. The shimmer draws the attention towards your hands and fingers, particularly since you’re completely covered in.
The only way that rings don’t work is if you’re wearing gloves or long-sleeved shirts that have thumb holes. Your hands are covered which is why they’re not useful?