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Six Advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds

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Considering a Lab Diamond for the Engagement Ring or even Next Jewelry Purchase?

You will find five reasons to select a laboratory created diamond.

#1 – Superior Purity and Quality

Objectively, diamonds developed above the Earth are definitely more pure than’ dirt diamonds’ that’re blasted from the Earth with diesel and dynamite. Compared to diamonds cultivated in the chaos underneath the Earth, diamonds cultivated by humanity have far fewer defects and less stress in the crystal structure.

Rather simply, the more pure the stone, brighter, the better, and also whiter the gemstone. Practically all of our laboratory grown diamonds get the highest purity rating from non profit gemological institutes (Type IIa), whereas under two % of mined diamonds get the coveted Type IIa purity score.

The foundation of every stone is known.

It’s not impossible to establish the actual origin of each and every mined diamond in a slice of stone jewelry, as more than six billion carats of diamonds are extracted from the Earth during the last several centuries, and the great majority had been mined in the century prior to the Kimberley Process was started in 2003.

The Environmental Superiority is #3.

Diamond mines are several of the biggest holes ever turned in the Earth, needing immense quantities of non-renewable fuels to acquire the gemstones with heavy machinery. The Mirny Diamond Mine is 1,722′ strong and nearly a mile in diameter. It’s the next largest gap in the Earth.

While laboratory diamonds are vegan, mined diamonds aren’t, with damage to ecosystems and also watersheds beyond the hole in the soil. A diamond mine to be turned in India in the future years will need the reducing of 492,000 trees and also the damage of a Bengal Tiger corridor.

Moreover, diamond mining gets much less sustainable each year, whereas developing diamonds is becoming more sustainable. Lots of diamond growers are today working with unlimited energy to produce diamonds and numerous diamond developing amenities are under construction in places where unlimited power is easily available.

#4 – Larger, Better Diamonds for Your Budget

Compared to mined diamonds of similar quality, laboratory diamonds are 40 50 % more affordable nowadays. The supply chain for lab grown diamonds is much more effective as well as the profits of De Beers as well as the various other diamond mining companies are big.

In case you decide on lab developed diamonds over mined diamonds, you are going to be ready to buy a better and larger quality stone for a certain spending budget. You are able to buy a laboratory developed diamond of the identical quality from lab grown diamonds Hatton Garden for about the identical cost as a 1.5 carat solitaire engagement ring from a luxury retailer.

#5 – Positive Externalities

If you buy lab diamond jewelry you’re purchasing the world of humanity, as you’re directly supporting advancement and research in leading edge technology of categories such as:




The material sciences are associated.

It’s inexhaustible energy.