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The Pros Of Tins For Candles

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A candle-making business can be a unique method of turning your passion into an extra income source. It can also be a fun and rewarding opportunity to earn money and make use of your spare time. In addition, it is surprising to learn that it’s easy to begin a candle-making business because the tools employed to create candles are simple to operate and minimal.

Candlemakers favor Tin due to its cost-effectiveness and durability. It is also lightweight and durable. Additionally the cost-effectiveness of tin could boost the sales value for cable producers. So, even if candle-making is a pastime, tin is the best choice due to its numerous benefits.

If you’re looking to start making candles the vessel for the candle needs to be chosen. After narrowing down your options glass and tin may be the ideal option. Which option should you pick? Which is better? Tin or glass? for candles?

Glass Vs. Tin: Which is More Suitable for Making Candles?

There is a new trend among candlemakers to utilize tin instead of glass as their candle container. Tin’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages. In this post I will discuss the advantages of tin than glass, and hopefully answer any doubts you might have.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

Tins are a fantastic option to restock your shelves at a reasonable cost. Tins are commonly used for packaging for various other products. They are also employed by candle makers of other kinds because of its popularity and less price. Therefore, using candle tins for packing and purchasing in bulk is the best option, particularly when your business is brand new.

Glass is a little more risky since the value of glass is significantly more than the value of tin. That is why, when you purchase large quantities of jars they will cost much higher than when purchase tin at a wholesale price.

More Durability

Tin is more robust than glass. The reason for this is because glass is fragileregardless of the strength. Furthermore, if you drop a glass bottle and it is prone to shattering, it has a high possibility of breaking. In the event, you or your customers may be injured by shattering glass shards.

However Tins aren’t at risk of this risk. If you fall on a tin container it’s likely to cause scratched or damaged depending on the height from which it fell. Because tin is composed of strong materials, it is able to absorb the majority of the damage , without damaging the candles.

A lot less hassle when shipping, since there is no need to worry about breaking.

Lightweight Packaging

Tin is a better alternative for packaging because of its strength and durability. It’s not just that, but it is also light making it much easy to transport. Additionally, it reduces the cost of shipping that will boost the price of your sales.

As opposed to tin, glass can be more heavy and will increase shipping costs. If a glass container that is smaller is utilized, your cost of shipping won’t decrease. Also, there is the chance of breaking when transporting.

In addition, larger glass jars can only burden your customers when they purchase from a retailer, as their shopping bags are heavier and any bumps that happen in the road pose an increased risk of breaking.

Overall Aesthetic

In addition to the benefits mentioned Tins also look attractive. Additionally, you can add various designs to the tin. For instance, floral designs and lines that are designed mixed or solid colors as well as a variety of other designs are available. Additionally candles tins are simpler to personalize thanks to their simple appearance.

However glass jars tend to be boring to look at. However, one advantage glass jars possess is the ability to display the vibrant waxes they hold. In addition, it is able to draw buyers because of its capacity to display candles.

What Tin Containers Should You Use for Scented Candles

Tin containers are an increasingly popular choice among candle makers because of their long-lasting durability affordable, aesthetics, and their lightness. However, can you make use of any tin container for your candles? In short, no you can’t.

In the first place, some tin container do not have a single component. They aren’t pressed into one. Therefore, you’ll be able to see seams on one side which holds the two pieces together. If you find the tin containers that have seams, stay clear of them since they could lead to leaks.

The leakage is caused by heat, because the metal tin is it expands. So, once it has heated up the seam will split in a small way and the wax begins to leak out.

The second is to look for tin vessels that are fully intact, that is, containers with no seams. This type of container as the wax won’t escape even if the container is heated.

If you want to go further, you could choose tin containers that are becoming increasingly popular among candlemakers due to their strength affordable, aesthetics, and their lighter weight. This not only reduces costs for shipping however, it can also increase the price you sell your product for. Additionally, even if you create candles for a hobby Tin is the best alternative.

Which glass container should you Choose to Use for Scented Candles

If you decide to using glass containers, then the majority of glass containers are suitable to make candles that smell. But, some glass containers should not be used for candles with scents since they have a high chance of causing an accidental fire. For example, glass that has smaller walls for shot glasses, and martini glasses, to mention some.

Glass is generally an excellent material because it is non-flammable , non-porous and not flammable. Additionally, the more thick the glass container the more durable it is because it won’t be damaged by the heat.

Thicker Glass Container

If you opt for glass containers to store your scent candles, make sure you choose ones with walls that are thicker. Furthermore, a glass container that has thicker walls will be less likely to break because of the heat. Although the glass container may weigh a lot and raise the cost of shipping, safety must always be the top priority.

However glass with a thinner wall may look attractive however, it’s extremely hazardous. That means they have the highest chance of cracking because of temperatures. Therefore, if the glass container breaks and fire starts to spread, an accident could happen.

When shopping for bulk candle tins make sure you check out

Bigger Or Wider Glass Container

The glass containers shouldn’t have a size that is too tiny. Also, if the glass is not large enough the wax could spill out and cause chaos. For example, it is not advisable to pick shot glasses because they aren’t big enough. If you decide to make use of shot glasses to light your candles, the wax could leak out of them and cause a massive mess on the surfaces they were placed on.

Additionally, larger or wider glass containers should be picked. For instance, jelly and highball glasses are great options to do this.

If you are still looking to purchase glass containers to use for candle making I suggest that you purchase jelly Jars. This is because jelly jars have been designed to withstand extreme levels of heat, and they can also keep wax in place without issue. It is possible to use different kinds of glass containers, as long as they’re strong enough to withstand temperatures.


In reading this article, you might have found an answers to, is glass or Tin more suitable for candles? Tin is without doubt the ideal material to make candles because its advantages surpass those of glass.