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Using a bike shop in Edinburgh

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The cycling industry is growing fast and has a large customer base. Customers come from all ages, including the more senior and younger generation. This industry faces many challenges, including the online marketplace. Customers can compare prices instantly and order without even knowing what’s happening behind the scenes.

We’re not going to tell people why they shouldn’t support online shopping. We know it’s here for the long-term. However, we are going tell you why it is worth supporting your local shop, even though it may be only occasionally. Spread the love. They are the ones that will solve all your problems.

Cycle shop Benefits


There are many advantages to shopping at your local bike shop Edinburgh. The best is having a positive customer/staff relationship with your local shop. Regular customers will notice that the bike shop is always willing to help them out. It takes just a few minutes to show up at the bike shop and let them know you are there. They will be open to having a conversation and will go above and beyond to help you.

Technical Help

Unless you work in a bike shop or are a fully qualified home mechanic, you occasionally need your local shop to help you out. Whether it’s a bent wheel or a blown rear shock, your local bike shop can and will get it done. They will take care of the entire process:

Dealing directly the manufacturer/supplier of the product

Resolving a warranty or repair concern

Arrange delivery for replacement parts/items

Installing your parts

You can do this online through an online megastore but there are obvious delays.

The best thing about this is that your local store will resolve the problem if it doesn’t work.

A local bike shop offers a sense of community that is the best part. Talking to customers, flipping through magazines or hearing about the next weekend’s ride will be a common occurrence. All the information is right there for you. All you need is to simply walk in, and let it soak in.

Consider joining your local shop ride. Most likely, there is one. This is an opportunity for customers and staff to share their bikes. There is always a mandatory coffee stop after, before the bike shop staff go off to begin their shift. It’s about being part the cycling community and not saving money on tires.

Online shopping is all about saving money. There aren’t other benefits. Some people love having their stuff delivered to them, provided they are home to sign the delivery.

You won’t find a better experience than visiting your local shop to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. There are so many things you can touch and see – 90% that you’ll never purchase! You can speak to someone who actually rides a bicycle and get their opinion. If you’re really interested, the staff can help you or give you a crash lesson in basic bike mechanics. All of this is available to you if these are your interests. These are things that real people can offer you through face to face interaction.

An interaction that leads into friendships and riding buddies during the weekend. An interaction that makes you smile, and gives you a bottle of chainlubricant.

You don’t need much to support your local shop for bikes. If you really want it, get it. Enjoy the experience they have to offer!

However, if you just want to click on a few deals and get the experience quickly, we will see you in cyberspace.