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Who are cake smash sessions for?

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Many parents decide to schedule a first birthday photoshoot with me due to the fact the fact that the baby’s first birthday is a reason to be happy! The whole year has gone by and what a year!

Within that short time your child’s transformation from a small curled-up newborn into a colossal individual with a distinctive persona – it’s absolutely amazing! Due to this rapid expansion, taking beautiful photos at the time of the baby’s first birthday is highly sought-after.

If you schedule a family or baby photoshoot the two of you along with your baby have a relaxing and enjoyable photo shoot at my photo studio. Also, you will leave with beautiful photos to cherish now and in the near future.

The session could also include cake smash photos If you’d like. It’s an amazing (and dirty!) method to celebrate the event! Find out more. In this blog, I’ll reveal the details you must be aware of concerning the celebration aspect in my very first birthday photography shoots.

In short Cake smash photography is an enjoyable element of a professional photography experience for children.

The idea was first introduced within the USA. Within the last 7 years it has gained popularity the pond too.
What’s involved in the cake smash photoshoot?

In the event that your baby is celebrating their first birthday at when they have their newborn portrait The cake smash can be an appropriate and fun way to pay tribute to the event.

I will leave the cake smash until the final stage of the shoot after individual baby pictures as well as the group family photos are taken, as it could get messy!

The name implies the cake smash is children being photographed with the most beautiful cake covered with soft squishy frosting.

The term “cake smash” refers to the fact you can actually smash the cake, if they wish to, whether using hands or alternatively, if they prefer not to mess up their hands with the wooden spoon.

This can result in some truly enjoyable photos, and often leads to a squeal and giggle by the kid!
Who are these cake smash sessions for?

A cake smash photoshoot is perfect for a child who will soon turn one or a child that just turned one.

There’s more than just a one-year old’s birthday photoshoot, however. I’m able to incorporate an event to celebrate your cake in your child’s photo shoot even if they’re a slightly older than one Please ask me.

What is the reason to book the cake smash photoshoot?

I do not offer cakes smash photography as standalone shoots, but I’m always willing to incorporate it into my portrait sessions in the studio If you’re interested in the concept of.

There’s plenty to be awed by about cake smash photography!

Many babies are thrilled to smash cakes and I can capture their cute smiles the process of eating!
The pictures of your child’s cake smash are additional photos that give a different look to your gallery. Your baby’s pictures would look great in a baby’s first birthday album or on the walls in the nursery of your child at home, or elsewhere in your home.
They are also great to print and share – maybe on birthday invitations, or even first birthday thank you cards , too.

The look for your child’s photography

The style of your child’s first birthday photoshoot will be completely yours to decide. The entire baby cake smash photography is customized as well as the cake smash that follows as well.

It’s likely worth mentioning that my style is elegant, simple and straightforward. When I take photos of your child, my aim is to make timeless images of your baby and also some of the entire family, therefore I do not use a lot of props, distracting backgrounds or make extravagant cakes.

I’ll take portraits of your child and you, set against several different backgrounds, and with various clothes. I try to keep it simple as I believe that the main focus of these photos must always be on your child, and you as a family.

What are the characteristics of a great cake smash costume?

A lot of times during baby photoshoots, the child doesn’t usually wear much however if you’ve got an adorable outfit you’d like for your baby to be wearing, you should bring it along.

Prior to the shoot the shoot, we’ll chat about the various elements of our shoot. This includes cake smash ideas for outfits. I will be able to tell you about the outfits I have (which you can take advantage of). Then you can decide if you want you want to purchase an additional clothing item or choose not to.

My clothes are washable and I have picked them because they look amazing on photos. Boys’ parents tend to favor my textured dungarees. girls usually wear adorable frilly clothes over their nappies.

What do you need to bring for a cake smash photoshoot?

It’s not necessary to bring anything for your baby’s first birthday photoshoot. The most important thing other than your baby’s basic needs (nappies and so on. ) the most important thing is spare clothing.

Take note of this should you decide to include cake smash photos into the portrait session of your baby it can be messy! Cakes are likely to travel everywhere. It could end in the mouth of your child hair, on their fingers, within fingers, toes…everywhere! Children may even bite the cake, meaning it could cause a ruckus also. If you’re unable to place your head into cake on your first birthday what happens when you can? !

To help, take some clothes to spare for your child and maybe an extra pair of trousers and top for yourself too. I recommend parents to take part in this type of time, and you could get some cake in the end!

If you’re worried about the mess, do not worry but we clean the mess when you leave and clean up in the office is part of our service.

I have a cute miniature tin bath, so your child can take the luxury of a bath and be cleaned following the fun of smashing cakes. This time of splashing becomes part of the photo shoot and also provides an opportunity to get an even larger variety of newborn photos.

Does the cake smash cake come included?

If you choose to include a cake smash photo in your baby’s studio photo session, then the cake that we use during this session comes with the fee. This eliminates the stress of having to create or purchase a cake yourself. Naturally, if your child suffer from any allergies needs, please inform me prior to the time.

Following the event There is often a lot of the cake that remains, and you are welcome to take it to take home.

What happens if my child can’t “smash” the cake?

Some children aren’t as enthusiastic than others to get dirty, and that’s fine! Even if your child seems not keen on smashing their birthday cake for the first time it is possible to get some amazing photos.

The advantage of having a less hesitant cake smasher will be that there’ll be more cake so that it can be taken home to have a bite to eat in the future!