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Why Should I Get My Bike Serviced?

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Although you are able to do a little DIY bicycle maintenance yourself, you will find a couple of things you have to keep to the professionals. Even in case you are very good at keeping in addition to wear and tear, a bike service is essential in case you would like to maintain your cycle riding like new.

Protection First

Getting an expert to do checks and repairs provides best piece of mind, especially where kids are required.

Having the ability to prevent and steer safely is essential, whether you’re mountain biking or even riding around a public road. It is suggested that each couple of months you’ve a bicycle service to check out for harm to the frame, wheels or fork. The technicians will even check out the brakes and make some needed adjustments.
Operating Smoothly

Your bike is an asset and also you wish to make the the majority of it. That suggests making every ride as smooth as they can, therefore helping you to go quicker and even further.

In lots of ways, a properly effective bike is equally as vital as a good training course or nutrition. Servicing should not be ignored – it maximises your effectiveness and increases the complete cycling experience. Apart from ensuring your cycle runs efficiently and it is responsive, an excellent mechanic will likewise enable you to tune your bicycle properly.
Maintenance Tasks -Day-To-Day

Obviously, you cannot leave everything to the pros, and you will find a number of things which you have to keep an eye on in between services. At the really least, you need to check the tire pressure consistently, replace any loose bolts and nuts and maintain a correctly inflated bike.

Book Your Service

Workshop services can be found at different shops across the UK. Below we have outlined the 3 levels of bike servicing which are available:

Fundamental Service:

Ideal in case your pike is resting in the storage area for several months or more, our medical check.

Gives your bike an one time over to make certain it is running smooth and safe


Every six months is usually recommended for maintenance.

Complete check over, wheels and gears services and brakes trued

Bike left feeling ready and sharp to ride


In order to protect your investment, this particular item is recommended once a year.

The bike is stripped down and also parts inspected then rebuilt

Everything installed from intermediate and basic service brand new inner & outside gear cables.

The cycle is going to be all set for one more year of driving and adventuring on the bike.