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Benefits of playing with your cat

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The benefits from playing cat with your pet

Playing isn’t just an enjoyable aspect of having a cat. It’s an essential element to ensure they stay physically and emotionally healthy. The main benefits of cat play are:
In helping to communicate their hunting instincts

Playing with kittens and cats helps to develop their instincts for hunting that can keep their minds active and is a fantastic method of exercise for cats. The best toys for kittens to stimulate this kind of playing are fishing rod toys and smaller soft toys that can be rolled over them to grab their attention and inspire them to chase and pounce.

Physical and mental stimulation

A few minutes of playing each day will provide lots of mental stimulation, and is a vital exercising for the cat and you’ll also strengthen the bond between you. It is crucial for cats who live indoors to use their energy to the fullest, which they would normally put into protecting their territory and hunting prey.

It’s also crucial to understand that indoor cats may need an extended playtime or even a few play sessions that are spread out throughout the day. If you have multiple cats and they like playing together, or in the case that your cat is older or less energetic, then a quick game session is enough.

The best time to play is usually in the morning hours and late in the evening. Therefore it is important to ensure that you spend time with them prior to bedtime, to ensure that your cat is as exhausted as you are. This will also stop the nighttime yowling.

Playing is a method of exercise for cats

We all know that dogs burn much of their energy playing with balls, playing with dog sports , and taking walks However, for cats the situation could be different. Few of us go for walks, and most times they’ll be doing anything such as stretching in the backyard or laying in the sunshine! So how do you make sure that your cat gets enough exercise?

The best way to answer this is to Enjoy having fun playing around with your children and a cat toy! From their first days to their old age they’ll be awestruck by playing with, chasing and batting every imaginable thing! Playing with kittens is among the most enjoyable aspects of being around with them.

What are the reasons to play the hide and seek game with cats?

Your cat has plenty of natural intelligence , and it needs to be exercised to keep them happy One way to achieve this is by forcing them to hunt to find their food.

Cats that have their food served to them in a simple or boring way is likely to want to be occupied by engaging in a different manner, perhaps with claws on the sofa for your attention or playing with objects you don’t want them doing. This can lead to an issue with behavior if you don’t pay careful care.

Pets who are stressed can also sleep often, which can make them less energetic and this leads them to exercise less, which leads to weight increase. Instead of entering this vicious cycle play a good game of hide and seek is a great way to combine eating and exercise like your cat would when in nature.