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Horse Supplements: 3 Powerful Benefits

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Supplements for horses can be costly However, they can be vital to your horse’s overall health and performance in athletics. Because of that it is crucial to ensure that your horse is getting maximum benefit from his supplements. These five suggestions to maximize the efficiency of these supplements.

Follow the Loading Dose as well as General Feeding Instructions

A lot of supplement makers suggest loading dose times in which you’ll require an additional than the usual dosage. This can help to rapidly increase the correct amount of supplementation in your horse’s body until efficient levels. If you don’t take the time to load the dosage time, it could delay the time for the horse supplements to begin to work.

It is also important to adhere to the nutritional guidelines of the supplement If you consume too much or not enough of the supplement could affect its effectiveness.

Avoid Over-Supplementing

It’s possible that you’re putting your horse’s health first by feeding him several products, but in the event that these supplements contain the same ingredients, you may be over-supplementing. Examine the labels on the supplements your horse is taking to make sure they don’t have the same ingredients and then run the supplements as well as the feeding regimen of your horse with your veterinarian to confirm.

Select Palatable Supplements

Supplements can only be beneficial if the product is consumed, and some supplements are less attractive to horses than other. Find a product that is palatable that your horse is willing to take in. Many products can be purchased in pellets or powder form. Each is beneficial based on your preferred feeding method and the preferences of your horse.

Although you can disguise an ingredient by adding apple juice or molasses temporary, try to find an item that your horse loves and make sure to examine each feeding to ensure that he’s taking the whole amount.

Pick a Supplement backed by research

It’s not easy to sort through the myriad of supplements on the market and every supplement is fed to your horse must be efficient. To ensure that the supplement will be effective to benefit your horse ensure whether it’s supported by research. For instance, a 42-day research of horses that took Epo-Equine’s active ingredients found that the ingredients:

The horses produced an immune system that is normal in horses.
led to increased and bigger red blood cells which in turn led to an increase in hemoglobin levels.
This increased oxygen flow to muscles, and also improved the blood circulation.
This resulted in an increase in fitness physiology and performance.

Supplements that have been backed by scientific research give you more than just claims. They let you buy more without hesitation.

Look For Guarantees

A reputable firm will stand by its products, so search for a supplement that comes with the satisfaction guarantee.