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Points To Remember When Selling A Car

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Want to get your vehicle sold quickly, fuss free? Here at Best Car Buyer, you can sell your car and receive an amazing price from our database of verified dealerships but there’s always a few factors to take into consideration before diving into selling your vehicle…

Read on for Best Car Buyer’s essential online car selling hints strategies, tricks, and tips updated for 2023. These are the top 10 tips to help you get the fastest sale on your car at the highest possible price.

1. Understanding the value of your car

We all love our cars and many of us think that ours is special. The reality is that car values are determined by the market for cars and are a commodity as anything else.

The value of your particular car is affected by things like age, mileage (the most precise indicator of the engines wear and wear and tear) as well as the condition and service history . But market prices are the primary impact.

What’s your car worth? Try a few routes to find out for certain

2. How much should you value your car?

Getting an idea of your car’s worth is now easier and faster than ever. To get an estimate from a expert dealer, we strongly recommend valuing on Best Car Buyer, to find an estimate of the price to market your car on our nationwide network of accredited dealers.

Then for a deeper dive, Auto Trader and eBay can be useful for private sale price indications and WeBuyAnyCar and their alternatives to instant buying valuations.

Just remember: your valuation will be extremely variable based on who’s buying it and why.

Best Car Buyer’s valuations are based on activity in our used car market across the nation.

3. Determine what is important to you.

Think about how much value speed, convenience as well as the final selling price.

If you have the resources in the world to achieve the highest possible price and you are selling your item privately, an auction site or classified website (such such as eBay) might be the best option. You have to wait for a favorable offer to appear and you might need to present the vehicle to several potential buyers, and with no chance of results.

Best Car Buyer meanwhile works in conjunction with a group of verified dealers who can help you get the best cost from a professional buyer. It’s simple, fast and you get significantly more cash than part exchange.

If you’re looking to get your car sold fast and are willing to give up a little on the price in order to remove the hassle, then opt for an instant car purchase website or part-exchange it for your next car in a dealership. You have to weigh your choices.

4. Pick your selling route wisely

If you’re selling privately you may fetch the top end of what you’re looking for, however, there’s no guarantee of a sale happening. Additionally, you’ll have to deal with buyers coming to your house and the ongoing bartering and admin this can be a burden.

Best Car Buyer negates all the requirement to have private people knocking on your door and connects you to the dealer who is willing to pay the highest amount. It’s fast and simple.

When you buy a car online through an online website, if your car is well-described it is usually guaranteed that sales will be made and the money will be in your bank within 24 hours if you reserve the sale for the following day.

5. Find deals on car sales on the internet

If you decide that you want to offer your car online Be sure you’re well-informed and take your time before making an investment.

Whilst there are now several large instant online buyers – such as WeBuyAnyCar and The Car Buying Group – there are a lot of differences between these companies. It’s worth doing your research and comparing them all with selling your car on Best Car Buyer, part exchange and private sales.

6. Start your motor

Check that your vehicle is as clean as you can to keep potential buyers from making a move at the last minute. It’s best to ensure to have your car washed and dried out on the day of your sale and address any minor problems (e.g. correcting small dents and scratches).

7. Be ready to negotiate if you need to

Be sure to meet with the potential buyer equipped with the information you have gathered about your car is worth. It’s not always a good idea, but don’t be afraid to argue back if the buyer tries to reduce the price upon inspection of the car. This shouldn’t happen if you sell your car with Best Car Buyer, but some buyers online might want to lower your price on the day of the sale.

Keep in mind that nothing is completed until you have money for your vehicle is in your bank account and the vehicle is sold.

8. Do not accept bankers drafts or IOUs

Do not hand over your keys until you’ve been paid for the vehicle. This is also true for private buyers (who might try to pay with a cheque or promise to transfer money in the future), and car dealers or buyers of cars.

Anyone who is trustworthy will realize they must be paid in advance before they can own the vehicle – either through BACS/bank transfer as well as cash upon collection when selling privately. If they can’t digitally verify that funds were transferred, then they should always be able to provide evidence that the money transfer was completed in the form of a receipt, or digital statement of transaction. Always request this proof if it’s not forthcoming.

9. Checklist for selling your vehicle

It’s essential to have some essential items in order to finish a car sale and avoid the loss of any value caused by the absence of keys and other documents.

Make sure you locate all you car keys (including any spare keys) and your V5 certificate (you’ll have to provide your “new owner” section) along with the MOT and service history. If you’re not carrying any of these, buyers will have a good case to reduce the final price they offer.

10. Refund your purchase after the sale

In addition to the rest of your V5 form to the DVLA ensure that you cancel your car insurance and reclaim your road tax.

Many don’t know that you are able to claim any road tax you pay for the remainder of the year, once you’ve removed your vehicle.