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Save Time By Using A London Scrap Metal Collection Service

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The mobile scrap collection of metal could be the best option for any business, in any sector. In reality, there are many advantages to arranging the scrap metal that needs to be gathered, instead of taking it to the scrapyard yourself. The benefits of mobile scrap metal collection are:

Save money on fuel costs
Metal removal that is legal and safe and recycling
Avoid penalties and fines.
Time is money.

Save money on fuel costs

Since, as professional scrap metal merchants we can come at you. You could save a significant amount on the amount of fuel your company uses. Instead of filling up your truck with heavy scrap and waste metal it, we’ll come and pick it up from no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at work or on your business premises. Just set a date and location that is most compatible to your schedule and we’ll arrive! We’ll even pay you right then and there, which means you don’t have to travel back to your office in order to collect your cash.

Legal and safe removal of metal and recycling

As scrap metal dealers are able to guarantee that your ferrous or non-ferrous metallics, electronics garbage, and even old boilers will be safely and legally recycled. Your company will be able to successfully reach its recycling and waste goals and be paid for the waste! This will ease your burden and you won’t need to worry about getting everything to the closest scrapyard. Our mobile service is focused on scrap metal collection London. In order to simplify your life.

Avoid penalties and fines.

If encounter large quantities of scrap metal inside your vehicle You could be facing the possibility of a substantial fine. To transport waste materials the nearest scrapyard, you require a Waste Carrier’s Licence. If you don’t have this, you can be punished as high as £5000! If you use an on-demand scrap collection company you can get rid of this hassle, as well as the £154 Registration fee for licences! Instead, we’ll meet you at your location to weigh your metals and pay the metals right then! It’s much easier!

Make sure you save time

Time is money, as they claim. Your time is in no doubt extremely valuable. Why do you have to sit at the scrap yard for hours instead of having scrap metal taken away quickly and efficiently? There is no need to request staff members to unload the truck and sort the scrap or travel to the scrap yard. We can take care of everything for you. You can continue with your day-to- things without added stress.


For businesses that generate lots of scrap metal, scrap or electronic waste we can also create a monthly contract to collect the waste. This will allow us to work seamlessly into your week, and remove the scrap and then be paid for it when it is convenient for you. As dependable professionals, you can trust that we’ll not disappoint you!

For more details about mobile scrap metal recycling across London Contact us now.