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7 Reasons to Have a Home Sauna

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Are you thinking about building your own sauna at home? Here are seven reasons why you should stop and get started on your installation!

There are likely to be more reasons to invest in your own personal sauna just as sauna enthusiasts in the world. However, if you’re still debating it might be time to think about the fact that saunas…

… strengthens social bonds

In constant contact with the internet and an ever-dwindling amount of attention We’re not always as concentrated on our close loved ones would like to be. The sauna provides a space where we can relax and give one another our complete focus. Are you having trouble getting your child to check out via smartphones or iPads? The time you spend at the pool is an ideal tech-free pause which allows for thoughtful conversation and quiet contemplation.

… reduces stress

The warmth of the sauna aids in relaxation and regulates the amount of cortisol levels in our blood. Cortisol is the hormone which releases when you’re stressed and excessive levels of cortisol can cause numerous health issues like issues with the immune system as well as sleep. The sauna bathing process reduces levels of cortisol that we have in our blood and instead increases serotonin production. Serotonin, what we call our “happy hormone” that helps us feel happy.

… boosts the immune system.

Sauna is a well-established beneficial effect on the immune system and regular bathing in a home sauna dramatically decreases the likelihood of getting common colds and flu. The warmth boosts blood circulation and boosts the creation of white blood cells which helps to defend our bodies from the attack of bacteria and viruses.

… helps you lose weight

Did you have the knowledge that a hot sauna will burn the same amount of calories as running? The elevated temperature causes sweating and causes a calorie reduction similarly to when your body temperature is elevated by physical activity. Professor. Steve Faulkner at the Longborough University is behind this discovery that he discovered by letting participants in the study begin by taking an hour long hot sauna, and then bike for one hour. The results showed the fact that, when saunas were coupled and exercise was the resultant effects were lower levels blood sugar, and increased calories consumed.

… helps you sleep better

The heat, the peace and the peace will allow you to unwind, and studies have demonstrated that a sauna session can be a significant influence on your sleep patterns. When you increase your body temperature during a sauna right before the time to sleep the body that is heated will be able to automatically adjust the temperature following. It’s this cooling down process and the body’s return to normal temperature following the sauna that will induce sleep which will leave you relaxed and relaxed enough to rest peacefully throughout the night. Find out more about the benefits of saunas and sleep here.

… revitalizes the skin

Regular saunas, and especially hot ones, can have an amazing effect on the appearance of your skin. The increased heat and increased circulation and sweating stimulates collagen production, and deep cleanses and rejuvenates your skin. Be sure to rehydrate both from within by drinking plenty of water and externally using moisturizers that are good for your skin.

… helps protect the heart from heart-related diseases

Studies have proven that regular sauna use can significantly reduce the chance of being afflicted by heart diseases. A 20-year Finnish study of medical saunas revealed that sauna bathing has a dramatic positive effects on heart health. The study also found that the more often you bathe, the more beneficial effects on your health as well as your heart.