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8 Reasons To Buy Property In Istanbul

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Istanbul is an active cultural, historical and commercial hub, with more than 15 million residents. It constitutes approximately 20% of Turkey’s total population and has the highest ratio of house sales thanks to its dynamic economy, pleasant climate, smooth functioning public transportation, high-quality infrastructure, and diverse residential-recreational complexes.

The city of today Istanbul has its sights set on investors with many property options which cater to all kinds of budgets and needs and provide a sanctuary for middle and upper-income households. We have collected a few reasons to consider buying a properties in Istanbul is a smart investment.

1. Obtain your Turkish Passport quickly in Istanbul by investing in a smart way

If you’re interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship by property investment, Istanbul would be the right place for that. The majority of our citizenship applications are processed in Istanbul. Because of the huge amount of applicants, the process for obtaining Citizenship are quick and easy in Istanbul. After obtaining citizenship, we’ll be able to offer investors excellent investment properties targeted for applicants to Citizenship with rent income. s in addition to Turkish citizenship.

2. Wide range of real estate choices

If you’re looking for contemporary real estate in luxurious towers as well as small apartments for families or lightweight units in low-rise buildings, detached homes, spacious or small commercial establishments, and even hotels to invest in, Istanbul has the answer to your needs.

It is also worth mentioning that you have the option of many “view” alternatives for homes. The city is surrounded by mountains and seas, Istanbul supply for all kinds of tastes. These options make Istanbul an exclusive choice for investment in real estate.

Noting the facilities of the projects that are located in Istanbul is a further important aspect. In residential complexes that offer on-site facilities, you will see fitness centers, pools sauna and spa and children’s playgrounds. There is also secure parking for private vehicles, 24/7 security, CCTV, etc. This increases the value of properties.
According to latest data from the government that were released, between January and June, house for sale in Istanbul sales to foreigners grew by 72.7 percent compared to the similar period in the previous year. It was 35 thousand 383 in the period, with Istanbul ranking first.

3. Istanbul in its role as the Center of Cultural Tourism

Home to many historical gems that range from the Hagia Sophia to Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, archaeological museums, and much more, Istanbul abounds in touristic visits annually. There’s a good reason. It is a city with a vibrant food culture along with nightlife and shopping options, Istanbul offers more than tourism, and ties West and East geographically and culturally, offering the best of both worlds to those seeking a country that combines “alaturca” with “alafranga” within one pot. This rich culture certainly contributes to the rising cost of property in Istanbul.

4. Different Districts and Different Lifestyles
Istanbul is a city in which you will find a wide range of cultures in life. A welcoming and progressive local culture can make you feel at home.

The city is comprised of 39 districts, each distinctive to its own, Istanbul has quiet spaces as well as more crowded and vibrant ones. Buyukcekmece and Beylikduzu are two of them. are favorite spots for families because of their peaceful neighbourhood that is surrounded by sea and lake views. Cihangir is the center of bohemian lifestyle with boutiques with cozy cafes, charming buildings, and late-Ottoman art nouveau and art deco residences. Levent and Sisli are the main commercial districts that are easily connected with the rest of Istanbul via multiple means of transport. To the Asian part, Kadikoy, Moda, and Bagdat Street are the most well-known districts. Two independent cinemas are located there, Rexx and Kadikoy, as well as the Sureyya Opera House, Kadikoy is a cultural center in Istanbul Asia and even perhaps Asian Cihangir.

5. Public Transportation

Istanbul is a massive city, even bigger than some nations. In the absence of the well-developed public transportation system that case, the city could have had areas that aren’t connected that made it difficult to commute within the city. But, today, Istanbulites have the privilege of taking advantage of a variety methods, such as Metrobus subways, Marmaray, buses, minibuses, boats and trains, trams, big yellow taxis(or smaller buses) with capacity of seven people and sea taxis other. The city’s extensive public transportation options give you a multitude of ways to explore and appreciate the city as well as observe its people in different places.

6. Find your countrymen in a multi-national megacity

Due to the large movement rate, Istanbul is a global megacity. Istanbul could be an ideal choice for those who prefer to purchase a house in an area where people from their country reside. It is important to remember that if you’re looking to relocate to Istanbul We can assure you that you will never feel homesick.

7. The weather is pleasant

Istanbul offers plenty of sun-filled winter days and summers aren’t too hot. Istanbul has a mild climate.

8. Fast-growing economy

Istanbul has the largest business environment in Turkey. With its rapidly developing financial and international trading infrastructure, Istanbul is a regional business center.

The percentage of Istanbul in Turkey’s GDP (gross domestic product) is greater than 31%, which is the highest rate. Besides, the unemployment rate in Istanbul is the lowest among other cities in Turkey. These two factors contribute to Istanbul an efficient and growing economy and an ideal choice for investors looking to buy a property in Istanbul.